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Azul Sensatori Brides - POST HERE!

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#1091 jiffer

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    Posted 04 December 2008 - 06:38 PM

    I am freaking out about the beach also. I know beaches have some seaweed but that looks like a lot to me.

    Also a concern I have it there is no place to eat lunch besides room service or getting dressed from your beach clothes and going in one of the restaurants. I think they need some type of food set up by the pools or beach during lunch time so people wont have to be inconvienced. Better yet why dont they have servers serve food like they advertised. Does anyone know if they ever plan on having this?

    I know the resort needs to work out some of the opening kinks but I am still worried. I have read that some of the activities they said they would have they dont like , cooking classes, water trampoline, spanish lession, giant chess board and snorkel gear. Does this concern anyone else they they dont have this many activities?

    #1092 JHarwood2Be

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      Posted 04 December 2008 - 08:05 PM

      Originally Posted by lilmisssunshine
      Is anyone else freaking out about the reviews? I mean I am a very laid back bride but I was in tears last nite after I read some of the reviews on trip advisor I know that alot of the problems are likely becuase the resort opened earlier than it should have. I am however really concerned for my friends and family who are spending alot of time and money to be at our wedding. Im nervous to have them arrive to a resort that smells of sulfur and has a horrible beach.
      I have been to 4 resorts in that area of the Riviera Maya since starting our wedding planning and depending on the wind the sulfur smell is there. It is something to do with natural mangroves in the area (whatever that is). After awhile it is not noticeable. I plan on giving everyone a travel candle in their OOT.
      But the brown water in the tubs is unexcuseable-they need to work that out!
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      #1093 Ania

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        Posted 04 December 2008 - 11:02 PM

        I just want to thank you ladies (Nikki07, khoyle, ... ) for having this calm attitude. It really helps :) It's the strangest thing as I'm laid back myself and I'm not worried nor am I planning in as much detail as some brides. However, I do have to agree that disappointed guests seem to be the worse guilt, especially knowing how much money they will spend on it. On the other hand, the guests that want to come will be the ones to whom our wedding really matters and who want to celebrate with us in our love. Everyone will make the best out of it. I agree with khoyle, I've been to resorts where I had the best of fun and the food was really good (even though nowhere near what Azul presents) and afterward I read reviews of other of how horrible the resort is.
        It will be good, it can only be better !!!

        #1094 pepper55

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          Posted 05 December 2008 - 01:24 AM

          Hi Girls - I agree, that worrying is a little premature. FI and I were there last month for our site visit, and although the hotel wasn't perfect - we had a great time! I guarantee that in a couple of months they will work out the kinks and the place will be amazing. Even in just the few days we were there, you could see improvements day after day.

          All of our guests are coming to celebrate our special day and have fun! If there's seaweed on the beach - its unlikely that will be a deal breaker for them. The service at the hotel is amazing, even during opening week. So don't stress, and enjoy planning your weddings!!

          #1095 tsashamia

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            Posted 05 December 2008 - 01:42 AM

            I don't know if anyone has received this outline yet, but this is what we got from Tiffany to start planning our details. I think you have to provide this by 45 days before. She tries to add all the things you've requested and then you add. I will tell you that she said to keep all the pictures and emails you send and bring them with you for the meeting on site.



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            #1096 Katherine4-09

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              Posted 05 December 2008 - 11:21 AM

              I am not worrying about the bad reviews there are enough good reviews on trip advisor, plus I feel they will work out the kinks by my wedding 4/24/09. Any grand opening resort will have kinks with in the few months of being open I say by Feb/March everything will be working properly. They are a big company, and have many resorts that have all opened and now have fantastic reviews. So don't worry about it right now, if you are getting married few months into 09.
              Katherine & Jeff getting hitched 4/24/09!!

              #1097 jennik13

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                Posted 05 December 2008 - 01:47 PM

                Did you guys see the new positive review on tripadvisor? YAYYYYYY!

                let's keep up the positive attitude and everything will be just fine :)

                #1098 tsashamia

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                  Posted 05 December 2008 - 02:04 PM

                  Does anyone know if transportation from the airport to Azul is provided in the hotel packages? I have an email in, but thought someone on here might know.

                  #1099 lenka14

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                    Posted 05 December 2008 - 03:05 PM

                    Originally Posted by tsashamia
                    Does anyone know if transportation from the airport to Azul is provided in the hotel packages? I have an email in, but thought someone on here might know.
                    I think it depends how you book your package. We booked our site visit through Apple Vacations and the airport transfer was included. :-)

                    #1100 lenka14

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                      Posted 05 December 2008 - 03:18 PM

                      Girls, Please don't stress out over the negative reviews right now. 99% of issues that people are experiencing now are just opening kinks. They will get resolved in no time! Evethough our stay there last week wasn't great, we are 100% positive that the hotel will get better really soon! It's a beautiful property and just look how far they've come in the last month. Most properties that opened in the area experience similar issues. It even sounds from the latest review that they are able to manage cleaning up the beach. I am thinking by Feb at the latest everything there will be great

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