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Originally Posted by renee1811 View Post
I have downloaded the symbolic ceremony script that AmyB posted a few months ago, and after reading through it, it is NOT be and FI at all....can we do our own script, since it's just going to be symbolic? And will the minister still perform it?
I didn't EVEN base my symbolic ceremony off the one I got from my Karisma WC, I just started from scratch. You could have them sing you the ABC's if you wanted to since there is nothing legal about it :)

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Originally Posted by taylorwd View Post
I never even got the symbolic script from the Karisma WC. Didn't know there was one! We're completely doing it from scratch.
IMHO... It's the most worthless crap ever. It's not even helpful. Totally generic and I had to ask my coordinator for one after hearing they have it from another BDW bride so don't feel TOO out of the loop :)

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Originally Posted by KittenHeart View Post
I thought I'd try to end today on a positive note instead of all Debbie Downer on you guys wink.gif

I got my proof pix for my real touch flowers:

Yellow pin on corsages for my aunts and whatnot, green orchid bouts for the boys and uncles:
Click the image to open in full size.

Bridesmaids bouquet, orchids and fuschia tulips:
Click the image to open in full size.

My bridal bouquet is the upper right hand bouquet:
Click the image to open in full size.

My centerpiece stems that will be submerged in water with a floating candle atop:
Click the image to open in full size.
Amy, they are absolutely fabulous!

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Originally Posted by daliax22 View Post
Hello Ladies,

I was just wondering if any of you are planning a Sensatori wedding closer to the end of 2010? Please let me know, send a private message if you prefer.....I need some help. Thanks!
Hi Dalia, my wedding date is November 2010 at the AS. Feel free to ask away! Everyone on here is full of information. This forum is by far the best resource ever!

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Cristaâ€s To Do's:

1. Work Out - Kicking asses and taking names! I've had a ton of compliments from people noticing I've lost weight and crazy visible body changes!! It's keeping me on top of my game!

2. Work on web site - In progress

3. Wait for invitations, patiently of course...Literally this is in my FI's hands right now and I'm not too pleased. (I got another "revised copy" today - How many more "revisions" could possibly be neededhuh.gif He's making this a little more difficult than it needs to be and dragging his feet.

4. Start finding stuff for OOT bags - Shopping trip starts on Thursday! Target here I come!

5. Start my shopping list for US shopping trip at the end of the month. In Progress

Not my list from last week but done:

Booked the Catamaran Excursion! Woo Hoo!!


New to do's:

1. Work out - P90X & Gym

2. Work on website

3. Invitations... wait AGAIN... Patiently...

4. OOT Bags

5. Continue shopping list

6. Find TTD

7. Find Luggage Tags


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Yay yay yay yay yay!!! I just got my BD photos and they are out of this world! I'm sure for those of you who have yours already, you can relate to the shock of seeing yourself like that.


I'm so excited to share them, but at this point all I have is online access. And well, that would give access to all the pictures and well, I'm topless in a lot of them. lookatme.gif LOL. Though to be honest those are my favorites! I should have the CD with all the pictures very soon and I'll be sure to share with you ladies.


I just wanted to give a little shout out to myself!! cheer2.gif

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Originally Posted by taylorwd View Post
I'm very proud of myself as I got a LOT done!!

Taylorwd's To Do's:
1. Put together Day Of Emergency Kit--DONE
2. Decide on guest book--DONE
3. Finish writing ceremony--FI and I don't have any time together to do this sad.gif
4. Find something blue! (shoe decor most likely)--DONE! It's the cutest little blue seahorse charm that I'm going to hang from my sandal strap
5. Purchase sand art for the kids--DONE
6. Purchase sand ceremony supplies--bought the frame but still need sand
7. Decorate flower girl basket--DONE
8. Purchase hair accessories--DONE
9. Find maracas--DONE
10. Finish menu/drink cards--they're printed but not assembled
11. Put together grandparents' photos in frames--no, but I bought the frames!
12. Reception playlist--1/2 DONE
13. Get paperwork together for onsite meeting
14. Get a marriage license!--DONE
15. Have a rockin' BD shoot!!--DONE
I also:
16. Mailed AHR invites
17. Finished Itineraries/programs
18. Bought new bracelet for wedding day since I ruined mine while trying to clean itfryingpan.gif
19. Scheduled my final beauty treatments

Taylorwd's new To Do's!
1. Finish writing the ceremony
2. Assemble Menu/Drink cards
3. Assemble frames for grandparents' pictures
4. Finish reception playlist
5. Get paperwork together for onsite meeting
6. Pick up dress on Saturday!
7. Get married on April 1st!
8. Decide on sand for sand ceremony
Taylor, are you planning on doing the sand ceremony directly into the photo frame?

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Originally Posted by ~Crista-Lee~ View Post
Taylor, are you planning on doing the sand ceremony directly into the photo frame?
Yes! We got the idea from a bride on here. Milejilo is the username. If you do a search you'll find her planning thread. It's a frame with multiple panes of glass so the sand can go between two of the panes.

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