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Alright ladies, I'm hoping this is my final major to do list!! Except for the AHR details but most of that will be done once we get back from Mexico.


My Spring Break is next week and my goal is to get everything done that week! It's long but I think I can do it!


Taylorwd's To Do's:

1. Put together Day Of Emergency Kit

2. Decide on guest book

3. Finish writing ceremony

4. Find something blue! (shoe decor most likely)

5. Purchase sand art for the kids

6. Purchase sand ceremony supplies

7. Decorate flower girl basket

8. Purchase hair accessories

9. Find maracas

10. Finish menu/drink cards

11. Put together grandparents' photos in frames

12. Reception playlist

13. Get paperwork together for onsite meeting

14. Get a marriage license!

15. Have a rockin' BD shoot!!

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Originally Posted by MrsVaughn2B View Post
Hey girls i am starting catch up on the thread. Sorry I have been so MIA. Wanted to share some really amazing photos with you from our photogs's.

Jason & Andrea: The Polaroids Hawes Photography Blog
I love those Andrea!! I love the picture with serious faces standing in front of the dock thing.

I heart your wedding! What was your "theme"?

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Originally Posted by meghan View Post
I always feel so much better having things done early...I'm not a last minute type person with anything. I am still stuck on centerpieces though! I wanted to do something like what are you doing...floating candles in a tall clear cylinder vase with flowers or something underneath the candle, but I can not find vases like the ones I want anywhere! Any suggestions?
Check Dollar Tree.


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Reneeâ€s to dos:

1. Mail off brochures and luggage tags-- half done....I tried to make luggage tags, and it was driving me crazy, so I ordered some online instead. I mailed off the brochures, and then I will send off luggage tags in a month

2. Decide if we want a cake topper, and if so, order one--decided I want a cake topper, but haven't decided which style I like...

3. Keep shopping for OOT bags--done! I bought OOT bags for the single guys (my FI did not think they would like the bright flower ones I picked up for the ladies!). Also bought frisbees, whistles, coils for the key card holders, shout wipes, and pashminas for the girls

4. Remind all of my booked guests that final payment is coming up soon--done! sent out friendly e-mail reminders about payment coming up

5. Order raffia fans--DONE!

6. Order personalized mugs--not done sad.gif

7. KEEP WORKING OUT!--done, I have lost 2 more pounds--5 more to go!

8. Start working on music selection--still working on it


Renee's To-Do list!

1. finish the menus and programs on the computer--I don't want to print them yet in case they change, lol

2. figure out my cake topper

3. trial up-do with my veil/flowers

4. take dress in for alterations (I need to get it hemmed and bustled)

5. start working on ceremony script & vows

6. work on music selection

7. lose 2 more pounds

8. ensure group payments have been made by our deadline of March 26


even though I have to work during our school's spring break (I work at a university), it's going to be insanely slow, so I hope to knock out a lot of stuff then! smile159.gif

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Originally Posted by amybermuda View Post
That sounds gorgeous. Your theme is like an antique beach theme, right? I am looking for something romantic and simple, like Mama Mia - esque - but not Mama Mia. I am hoping this comes to me.

Meghan, I was supposed to have these beautiful orange and pink flowers, but I am second guessing it. I want to discover a theme all of a sudden. I have until April 9th (my 45 day mark - lol).

Amanda, considering the DJs at the hotels are doing weddings all the time, I am assuming they are good. Considering Riveria Maya is the most popular spot for Destination weddings, I just think the DJ will do a good job. I am still going to bring a list of suggested songs and a flash drive just in case wink.gif

Katie, I am super psyched for you!!! Thats awesome about the previous bride leaving you stuff.

I wrote our ceremony this weekend - its still going to be changed I am sure, but getting started felt goooood!

Amanda, I just wanted to let ya know we used the hotel dj, it went very, very well. They had alot of new music although tiffany has no record of that lol. Also, theyre were a few songs that they didn't have, that were requested, and they downloaded them on itunes during my reception for us wink.gif The dj was such a nice guy and gave lots of extras, ballons, bubbles, fun props. Although to be truthful I do have to say this: I paid $1500 and the dj himself only gets approx $200. I was livid when I found this out. I only asked because I thought it was alot of money and I inquired about what the money is for, just to see if I could get a breakdown and possible get a better price. They told me the resort owns the speakers and equipment so they only pay him for his time. SUCH BULLSHIT. I understand that part of it, but then how are you gonna charge that much additional money. It's crazy and wrong in my oppinion. I would have totally cancelled the dj but "it was not allowed".

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