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See my answers in red :)


Originally Posted by KittenHeart View Post
What is everyone doing for their focal songs?


Here's what I did... if anyone cares lol.


Bridal party (processional) aisle song - Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Bride aisle song - David Gray's "This years love"

Wedding party (recessional) aisle song - Queen's "another one bites the dust"


Reception entrance song -

First dance song - John Hiatt "Have a little faith"

Sand ceremony - Instrumental of Guns n roses November Rain

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While people are taking their seats we are going to the "Love Theme from Glasgow"...not sure if that's exactly what its called,

Bridal processional song - somewhere over the rainbow (must be popular lol)

Bridal aisle song - westlife - flying with out wings

First dance- Michael buble - Everything


Not sure about anything else yet.


Nicole I love that have a little faith song! I'm going to have to add it to our playlist.

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Originally Posted by KittenHeart View Post
What is everyone doing for their focal songs?


Bridal party (processional) aisle song -
Bride aisle song -
Wedding party (recessional) aisle song -

Reception entrance song -
First dance song -
Father/daughter song -
Mother/son song -
Cake cutting song -
Bouquet toss song -
Garter toss song -
Last song of the night -

Let me know too if I'm forgetting a category :)
I have not even thought of this!!! Some songs on my website are Island in the Sun, You and Me (Dave Matthews), Love Song, Better Together, and You are the Best Thing...I will prob use a few of those for some things. But I am not sure really

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Renee - I love that your dad picked out your guys song 10 years ago, too cute! Jealous, I dont' get one of those!


LOL, I have seen that video! Totally something I'd do if I had the time or sanity. I really wanted to dance down the aisle too but I doubt that will happen


Nicole - of course we care! I love your aisle song, that song was suggested to me by one of my close friends, it's beautiful.

OMG - Your recessional song was my first choice!!! What I ended up deciding on is "I Want to Break Free" by Queen :)

Love, love, love November Rain too!


Meghan - I love Michael Buble! With your dance lessons it's going to be such a beautiful first dance :)


Lindz - Good thing to start thinking about! Songs are something I've been steadily working on for about 6 months now, I didn't want to have to rush it.

Love Song by 311?! This is what I wanted our first dance to be to but FI thought it was weird, I LOVE IT! "You Are the Best Thing" by Ray LaMontagne is my second option for a recessional... I have a lot of back ups... Maybe I should post MY songs, LOL!

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Ok mine:


Bridal party (processional) aisle song - "Brighter Than Sunshine" Aqualung

Bride aisle song - "Something" The Beatles cover by Jim Sturgess from Across the Universe

Wedding party (recessional) aisle song - "I Want to Break Free" Queen


Reception entrance song - "Black & Gold" Sam Sparro

First dance song - "The Only Exception" Paramore or "Let it Be Me" Ray LaMontagne

Father/daughter song - none

Mother/son song - not doing

Cake cutting song - ? LOL!! I just thought of this "Sugar, Sugar" Baby Bash OMG, I'm laughing with tears in my eyes blasting this at work...

Bouquet toss song - ?

Garter toss song - Move Bitch by Ludacris sounds pretty amazing, unsure though!

Last song of the night - ?

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Bridal party (processional) aisle song - Bride aisle song -

I am doing the same song - b/c I dont want all of the girls incl me to be more than 2 mins-

Alicia Keys - If I got you


Wedding party (recessional) aisle song - Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours!!!


Reception entrance song - probably the beginning of our First dance song - we are the only ones getting introduced. Hello - 35 people all week long - we all will be BFFs!!!


First dance song - Bob Marley - Is this Love


Father/daughter song - Mother/son song - we are going to be doing the same song - I'll let my Dad decide.


Cake cutting song - Hmmm, love sugar sugar Ames!!!!

Bouquet toss song - not doing

Garter toss song -not doing


Last song of the night - damn - I have no idea - I used to love a song in college that was the last call song - I will have my BM college friend pick it!!!

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I don't know how helpful this will be since my FSIL is playing the violin for the ceremony and the songs we're dancing to are by local Austin musicians, but here ya go!


Bridal party (processional) aisle song - "Air on the G String" by Bach

Bride aisle song - "She" by Elvis Costello (on the violin)

Wedding party (recessional) aisle song - "Kahala March" by the Ali'i Luau (also on violin)


Reception entrance song - We're walking in to our song and starting our first dance right away

First dance song - "Lucky" by Kat Edmonson

Father/daughter song - "Never is a Moment" by Jimmy LaFave

Mother/son song - TBD

Cake cutting song - Hmmmmmm

Bouquet toss song - not doing this

Garter toss song - not doing this

Last song of the night - anything!

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Originally Posted by amybermuda View Post
so your not defo on paramore?
I most likely am, just like to be prepared with a backup :) I'm 90% on the Paramore song, need to see how it works with our lessons!

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Hi girls!


Alright so I'm in OOT bag frenzy mode right now... somehow in the mix of it all I ended up with an erroneous order that had to be resent but they let me keep the wrong item.


I ordered 25 dry erase door hangers complete with the plan dry erase market that has a sticky thing you peel off to expose and stick on the door hanger. I bought these to put in OOT bags for my guests so they can leave notes for each other and mention where they are. I could see my guests having a lot of fun with this.


I ordered plain white ones but the ones that came say "Leave a note" at the top and "Go Mavericks" at the bottom randomly... I was planning to sell them with a few more items after the wedding but thought I'd offer them to you girls before I did that just in case.


Click the image to open in full size.


I have 25 door hangers and 25 pens - $25 which includes shipping costs

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