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Jenni, It looks like the last minute change of venue didn't prevent you from having your dream wedding! I love your first look photos. What a great moment to have captured! Thanks for sharing and congratulations!

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Hi everyone! We received a link today of our pro photos. I highly recommend Tamm's Photos. They were very easy to work with and definitely worth the money. They were with us from about 1:30 pm until 11 pm and then we did a day after session in Puerto Morelos. The link has about 1200 photos. Jennifer & Brad

Here is an abbreviated version on Shutterfly http://share.shutterfly.com/action/w...0EZuWjhm5bMWEh

These are low resolution. But they will give us a flash drive with the high resolution photos so we can print however we wish. I'll post the day after photos once I get those.


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Your photos are beautiful and you were gorgeous! I love all the bright colors... right down to the drinks!


Great recommendation of photographer for future brides!

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Well, we've been back from our Azul Sensatori wedding for 2 weeks now. I'm sorry I am just now posting my review. We got married on May 9th and it was absolutly amazing. My advice to all brides on the site would be to sit back, relax and pick from the list. Always remember why you chose Mexico for your wedding and know that even if all you have is your dress, rings and your loved ones it will be beautiful no matter what. Don't try to have an American wedding in Mexico just embrace the differences. Otherwise save money and get married on a beach in the states.

First, the resort was fabulous and the customer service and food were out of this world. We have stayed at several 4 and 5 star all inclusives in the same area and this was by far the best yet. We were stressed about the swine flu but decided to keep our date and we only had 5 guests cancel so we ended up with 44 total. The resort was only at 10% capacity due to the flu so everyone in our group got upgraded rooms and we got the honeymoon suite with a fantastic ocean view. Some of the restaurants were closed at times but we understood and had great food all of the time. Elana was our on site wc and she was wonderful. We met with her and her team for about an hour our second day there and signed off on everything. She made everything happen the way it should and I had no worries.

The entertainment team was awesome. Especially Jaimie and Laura who made our stay a lot of fun especially being on of the only groups there.

I tried to keep my wedding cost down by chosing simple options that I felt would still be elegant and classy. We had the $2500 silver package and had our rehersal dinner for 40 at the Tapaz restaurant as Spoon was closed that night. The food was wonderful and the restaurant was very pretty. The resort personalized the menu for Mike and I which was a cute suprise.

The day of the wedding I hung out at the pool until 1pm. I had my nails done already so I went to the spa at 2 for a toe polish change and hair. I brought tons of pics for hair but when I got there I decided to be spontaneous and let the lady at the spa do what she wanted and I loved it. We got married at 6pm on the beach by the pier and it was perfect. My flowers turned out great as well. The minister we had was Alina Monroy whom I would strongly reccomend as everyone was blown away by her service. We picked the vows that Tiffany Borrowski had sent us and they were perfect and moving. We also did the sand ceremony. We chose the $500/1 hour option with caribe photo and were very impressed. She brought our photos and cd's to us poolside before we left.

Reception--We chose the Zocallo Terrace for the Cocktail party and the reception. It was perfect. We chose the cheese and cracker trays for the cocktail hour to cut cost...it was okay but not great however I don't think anyone noticed as they were having too much fun so I think the more expensive options would be a waste. We chose the $12 chicken meal option and everyone raved about it saying it was the best meal they had since they had been there. I rented vases from the resort and had the bridesmaids put the bouquets in them for decor and we brought votive candles to set around...then we had the resort take the flowers from the wedding and put on our table and cake table and I thought it looked awesome and wouldn't spend to much on decor as the resort itself is so beautiful and at Zocallo the ocean is the background. We played our ipod and it was perfect, no need for a dj. My dad slipped the Mariachi band from the restaurant $100 to sing 3 songs for us which was the perfect amount in my opinion. The cake looked just like the pictures and was delicious I did 2 tier for 20-30 people and it was still way too much as they serve desert with the meal as well. I'm probably missing something so don't hesitate to ask questions.... Please view our professional and non professional pictures at


Snapfish: Share:Registration


I hope you all enjoy your weddings as much as we did. Our only regret was not staying another week.

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Ali, I just looked at your photos. I loved your dress and your hair. I see you went further down the beach for pics, it looked like a great spot. I agree about planning what you have to with the coordinators and then when you get to the resort you can really fine tune your preferences with the on site coordinators. I have heard several times that the $12 meal is very good. So I would suggest that to future brides. I'm glad it all went well despite the swine flu. Congratulations!

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Thanks jharwood! Congratulations to you too! Your pictures were amazing. I regret not hiring our photographer for a longer period of time because you got so many great before wedding shots. You looked beautiful! I wanted to add about the $12 menu that it is very good however we weren't crazy about the desert. It wasn't bad just not great so if brides chose this option they might try to change the desert out with a cheese cake or tres leches. Or if they are having cake they might want to try to sub it for a salad because it's hard to get people to eat cake after a desert like that. I am still so amazed by how great of a job they do. I'm ready to go back. I think we might go back for our first anniversary. You?

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I haven't been too active on this post but I thought I would finally just share a little about my wedding at Azul Sensatori. In short, it was amazing! After many months of planning and dealing with the off-site team (Fabio), it was great to see that all the details were passed on correctly to the onsite team. The on-site team was so great to work with -- I put a lot of trust in their hands to make things beautiful and run seamlessly and they did exactly that. We had 115 guests at the resort, everyone had an incredible time and we threw multiples of fun parties (a welcome reception on thursday night on the beach, rehearsal dinner in Playa del Carmen on friday night, and the wedding reception at Zocalo on saturday night). The donkey was a huge hit, people drank so much tequila, the mariachi band was a lot of fun.


Here are some unprofessional photos of our welcome reception on the beach:

Picasa Web Albums - Nini - Johanna and D...


In terms of vendors, we brought in the fabulous Jean-Marcus Strole (he's pretty active on this site) from Seattle and he stayed with us in the Riviera Maya for 4 nights taking thousands of pictures wherever we went. He posted some of our photos on his blog and I am eagerly awaiting the rest of the pictures: jean-marcus strole photography He is great -- if you can get him, get him! So easy to work with, obviously very artistic, we had a great time doing our TTD with him too. We are so happy that we chose to bring him down to Mexico.


We used Cancun Wedding Videos by Mike Cantarell for our videography. Our specific videographer was Jerry and he was really great and fun to work with. Cancun Wedding Videos is associated with Claudia Photography so they are a preferred Lomas vendor through the resort.


We brought on our own professional DJ - Bluestar Mobil DJ and paid a $500 outside vendor fee for this (: BLUE STAR : MOBILE DJ : Proud Design Award Winner :) -- my contact there was Mauricio Alanis (malanis@bluestar.com.mx). Blue Star Mobile is not actually located in Cancun -- they are based out of Monterrey, but they team up with a company called Solen ([ SOLEN ]) to do all of their Cancun parties. The contact at Solen (who I never once spoke to but cc'ed on all my emails) was Carlos Alanis Briones (calanis@solen.com.mx). I don't think he speaks English. Our specific DJ was Christian Coello -- he was amazing...when we had a pre-meeting with him, we talked through the kind of music we wanted and gave him a list of the kinds of songs we wanted played and not played. He hit the nail on the head at the party and the dance floor was never empty. They also brought party props for the crowd and these were a huge hit.


Here's a link to our wedding highlights video -- you can get a sense of the quality of the videography services and also how our DJ really kept things going.

Cancun Wedding Videos | Mayan Riviera Wedding Videographer | Mike Cantarell


The food at the resort and at all our events was amazing. I gave the food and beverage group a photo of a cake I wanted. Even though we had 115 guests, we only got a small cake, expecting the guests to eat the tres leches cake we selected as part of our set menu. Some people decided to have both! why not! The cake(s) were great.... the fondant icing on our cake started to melt/fall off before we cut it, but we didn't really care. We were having a good time.


Anyway, I am more than happy to answer any questions as I don't want to go on an on here. Please pm me if there's anything you want to know more about.



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