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@@cocosho Great info! I leave Thursday for the Brides Dress Rehearsal. Cannot wait!

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I wanted to share with you all the BDR Itinerary for my trip to the Azul this weekend: 




MAY 15-18, 2014


Host hotel: Azul Sensatori Mexico, by Karisma                                                      Phone: (52) 998-872-8450


Thursday, May 15th, 2014

11:35a.m.                                Arrival to Cancun International airport. Transportation to and from the airport not included on the Bride’s Dress Rehearsal program.

TBA                                           Arrival to the property- Meet the on-site wedding coordinator and book your dinner reservation at the most exclusive restaurant of the hotel, as well as a make up and hair rehearsal with 20% Off Discount at Vassa Spa.


Afternoon at Leisure.


Friday, May 16th, 2014

Spend the day enjoying this beautiful Karisma property and have dinner at one of its exclusive restaurants.


Saturday, May 17th, 2014

Breakfast at leisure. Try our Gourmet Inclusive® restaurants or enjoy breakfast in your suite.


8:20am                    Meet at main lobby.

Depart to El Dorado Royale, by Karisma for the Bride’s Dress Rehearsal main event.

9:00am                                    Site inspection at El Dorado Royale, El Dorado Casitas Royale and Generations Riviera Maya, by Karisma for your honeymoon, anniversary, future romantic getaways or family vacations.

10:00am                                  Gourmet Inclusive Wedding events by Karisma  presentation. Learn about the Karisma Gourmet inclusive Experience, meet the management and signature wedding designers, and find out everything you need to know about how to design your wedding events with Memorable Moments Signature Wedding Collections and all the endless options Karisma has to offer.              

10:30am                                  Cocktail Party! See how an actual private event could look like, try our signature cocktails and gourmet bites while enjoying one of the many entertainment options we have available for you to book for your wedding.

11:00am                  Bride’s Dress Rehearsal Show. Meet the vendors, signature wedding designers, sample some cake options and wine pairings, and start putting together the wedding of your dreams!

12:00pm                                  Lunch. Get all your answers straight from the Karisma Staff while enjoying a delicious meal with different options from our chef inspired menus with you signature wedding designer in a private dinner reception set up of the memorable moments collection of your choice.

1:30pm                    Depart back to host hotel



Afternoon at leisure.





Sunday, May 18th, 2014

TBA                           Be checked out and ready to be transferred to the airport for your departure

Check out is at noon, exact pick up time will be advised by your transportation company.

Transportation to and from the airport is not included on the Bride’s Dress Rehearsal program.


Thank you for sharing this Gourmet Inclusive® experience with us!



*Gourmet Inclusive® Dress code:


Recommended: Dresses, skirts, long pants, shoes, Capri pants, elegant sandals.


Recommended: Long pants, collared shirts, casual shoes.

Permitted: Formal bermuda.

NOT PERMITTED: Baseball caps, peaks, tank tops & flip-flops, sport shorts.


** If you fail to attend the schedule activities you will be charged full rack rates for the length of your stay**

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Hello Sensatori Brides,


As you know, we are Diamond Level Five which is the highest production level with Karisma Hotels. 


We also have an exclusive promotion going on right now.  In addition to free rooms, upgrades, free wedding package (You can read more info HERE) we are offering our brides and grooms 2 spa certificates to the spa bar for themselves and well as their parents!  This is over a $500 value!  contact me for more info smile.png

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I too am now officially an Azul Senatori Bride. We have booked our date for 6/13/15. So excited! Trying to hurry and get our save the dates out.

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@@cocosho Thank you so very much for sharing this information! The pics are beautiful. I am so much more excited now! :)

Hi Ladies,


This is only my second time posting :)


So we are all booked at The Azul for May 3rd 2015!! The thing is I really want to go on the Brides dress rehearsal and apparently your not able to if you have already booked your and paid the deposit for your wedding date... this is what my travel agent said, has anyone heard of this?


I love hearing all of your experiences... im originally from the UK but im not living in Vancouver, Canada so im trying to arrange guests coming from all over the place lol. Anyone else in BC, Canada?


Thanks in advance!

Gem :)


I wanting to take down my own table cloths and also mix and few of the memorable packages together, anyone know if this is possible... I doubting it but you never know lol.

@@reidbride2015 I'm already booked for my wedding (deposit paid) on 3/7/15, but my travel agent has invited me to the bride dress rehearsal so I'm not sure why you were told you couldn't go :(

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I think the only stipulation is the $500 credit for new bookings only. But you (I believe) are welcome to attend the rehearsal.


As for mixing in some of your own items and some of their patterns/items I don't think it's a problem. You just pay by the item vs the package. I will let you know since I won't be going with the magical moments package but there are pieces I plan on incorporating and paying for ala carte. (I'm at the rehearsal in June)



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We had a fabulous time at the Azul Sensatori this weekend for the Brides Dress Rehearsal. We loved the resort!  The service and quality were exceptional. I cannot wait to get married here! It is THE perfect place for a beach wedding!!!


When we arrived to the hotel (Thursday, May 15) we were asked to wait for the concierge who personally took us on a tour of the grounds and escorted us to our room, which they upgraded to the VIP section. The bed is sooooooo comfortable and it was decorated with swan towels and flower petals. They had a cold bottle of champagne chilling in our room and it was an ocean and pool view. Spectacular!


We ate lunch at the Zocalo and devoured the tacos. So delicious, the taco shells made fresh on the grill. It was so good we had dinner there and had Carribean lobster and filet mignon. Our server Jesus was the best. We asked for nothing. Our margarita glasses were low and he was there with fresh ones.


We saw 2 brides that day and I felt bad because it was raining. The one bride got married on the beach and had to carry umbrellas.


We went back to our room and the maid had turned down the sheets and brought in chocolate covered strawberries and put candies on our pillow.


The next day (Friday, May 16) we snuck up and checked out the skydeck. It is breathtaking. We are actually going to change from the beach to the skydeck. It was so perfect. The skydeck is the only private location at the Azul Sensatori and it is the only place where the webcam can be streamed.  We saw 2 more weddings on Friday… One was on the beach and one on the skydeck. There are 2 places to get married on the beach. One by the gazebo overlooking the beach and the other smaller beach venue was in the middle of cabanas and beach chairs. It is not private at all! One older man was wading in the water right behind the gazebo. I’m sure he will be in the bride and grooms precious pictures! He started a chain reaction and people were walking in front and behind of the wedding. It was so obnoxious! The legal ceremony lasts 20 minutes and the civil ceremony lasts 10. I couldn’t believe people were so rude!!! They couldn’t wait 20 minutes? 


After the beach wedding, the reception was at the Plaza Zavaz and the bride got the Pure Elegance package for the reception décor.  The skydeck bride had her reception at the Papala Yoga and did her own décor.  There was a DJ at the Zavaz and the Yoga just used their iPod. I didn’t think they were contending for loudness or competing in any way.


Saturday May 17 we were shuttled to the El Dorado resorts. This place is HEAVEN! It is so beautiful and peaceful and relaxing. We loved it. We are booking the Cassitas for our Honeymoon. We were taken around in golf carts and shown all the areas to have a wedding. We got out at the Maroma and walked into a little chapel. Then they shuttled us to a ballroom where they had cocktails and you could mingle with other brides. There were probably 15 other brides there. Some brought their fiancés, some brought their mothers. The Senior Business Director did a presentation about why to pick the Karisma resorts and for showing up we get $500 credit toward a private reception.  Then we got to see all the place settings of the different inspirations, meet with the photographers and taste the cakes. They were all delicious. Our favorite was the chocolate on chocolate or the white cake with vanilla frosting. The strawberry cake was white cake with strawberry jam. It was good too.


We had lunch and got to taste some of the courses. The brides we were sitting with were still figuring out which resort to book. After lots of cake and wine, we were brought back to the hotel.


The El Dorado seems extremely peaceful and relaxing but the Azul is more of a fun atmosphere. I want my guests to have a blast. I think the Sensatori is perfect for fun and relaxing.


Saturday night we saw 2 more weddings. A small wedding on the smaller beach gazebo and a bigger wedding on the other beach gazebo. There were people trying to walk in front of and behind the bride and groom and the resort staff stopped them and asked them to wait. I was relieved to see this after I saw the first beach wedding and how rude people were.  But after the wedding the photographer was trying to get a nice family picture and some lady stopped and was photo-bombing. Some people! The bigger wedding moved to the Zavaz for the reception. They picked their own décor for the reception and had a DJ.  Around 10 it started to rain so they all moved into the Mojito lounge.


Sunday May 18th we did a couples massage. Talk about relaxation! It was incredible. Get there an hour early so you can sit in the sauna or Jacuzzi.  We were treated like royalty!


Of all the restaurants we liked the Zocolo the best. It had the authentic Mexican feel. We liked Spoon for breakfast… the make your own omelet station was nice. We didn’t go to Siena or Le Chic.  Le Chic is the only restaurant that requires reservations.


All in all, I truly feel it is the perfect place to get married. The resort staff look like a fine oiled machine. The back drop is absolutely fabulous and the hotel is incredible. I loved the feel as soon as I stepped foot onto the resort. I didn’t want to leave!


Please check out my gallery for pictures from this weekend J

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Eeeek! You have me SO excited to attend in 3 weeks with my MoH! We are 99% sure we will be holding our wedding at Sensatori but want to see it all in person to make sure! Arg, I had told myself no more sky deck after the change from the brown to the white gazebo but you may be convincing me back! Hahah.... I may have to get over the look of the white gazebo for that view!


Any idea how long of a precessional/aisle it is up on the sky deck? We are wanting a long precession... Is that possible here? Or is it pretty short?


I'm there soon but I can't wait! Hahah


(Make sure you post this on the BDR thread too- I know brides are anxiously waiting for your report!)



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