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Thanks for you review Steph! Congrats again and can't wait to see your pictures smile03.gif

I'm positive they play the songs for you during the ceremony, just not the reception :)
Yes, they play music at the ceremony, no matter which site you pick.

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the make-up was more of a budget reason then anything for me. I like how i do my own make-up and so it was a way for us to help keep the cost down. I did not see any of the girls make up from the other bridal party but I did see their hair and each one looked awesome!


heather hunder

That is too funny! Small world! He was pretty drunk that night and he did mention something to me but I had no idea what he was talking about at the time. It all makes sense now


Yes, ladies do not let your husband-to-be go paintballing for their stage a week before the wedding...(and I was worried about him playing hockey). My dad got hit in the forehead and it split open. luckily it was not noticeable the day of the wedding due to a lot of polysporn prior to.



I don't think it had another name. We just called it "the teens club" or "the club". You could still refer to it as the teens club and as a side note let your guests know its adults only from 10pm to 2am.



I though of one last thing to tell you ladies-


We had our wedding at 4pm which was perfect timing for the temperature that day. The wedding before us was at 2pm. It was so hot with very little breeze at this time. The poor brides maids were sweating and you could see it through their pretty dresses. The hotel provides large umbrellas in each of the rooms. Tell your guests to bring them to the ceremony and get a few extras for the groom and groomsmen if its a hot day. Once the music starts you could ask everyone to put them away.

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Thank you chloe and Mrs.StephB.2Be I'm so excited to get there! Thank you for the information chloe about the rooms, I can't imagine getting a room with a double bed! I leave next Thursday! Can't wait!

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Hi My name is Gemma, ive just registered with u. Im getting married at Azul Sensatori on 14th Jan 2010 (dont know how to add it to the Calendar) Im really looking forward to reading and adding to the threads, im a little nervous about some of the things ive read, Look forward to talking to you all xcheer2.gif

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Hey ladies. Anyone who has already had their reception on the beach, or to those who are planning to. I am just thinking about the dance floor, and if the sand causes it to be slippery. I don't want everyone falling down all over the place! Any thoughts or tips?

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Hi ladies,


I am just back from my honeymoon and was at Azul for my wedding the same week as chloe (Chloe, it was great to meet you and I'm sure you were an absolutely stunning bride!)


I'll give you a condensed review until I have some more time to get caught up with work.


The Good:


Overall, we had a WONDERFUL experience at the Azul, with 45 of our closest family and friends. My Dad wrote a review on Trip Advisor (Larry from Aurora) if you'd like to read it.

Our guests were blown away by the quality of the resort. The drinks were fantastic, and the food was the best I have ever had, and I've travelled a LOT. We were thrilled overall with the resort.

We had a 'welcome dinner' at Spoon restaurant the first day (our West coast gests were not arriving for another 2 days, so we had enough people to squeak in with the 'under 40' rule). The restaurant did an incredible job. When we arrived, they had a special champagne toast ready for the group - an unexpected, lovely touch.

We had menus with a choice of steak, chicken or fish that the restaurant provided - all at no additional charge! That is the way they do their'set menus' for groups. One of my guests had food allergies, and they promptly altered the menu to accomodate her. They were wonderful, and the chef even came out to introduce himself to me and make sure that everything was fine.

The week itself was a blast, and everyone loved the variety of food and drinks. I heard nothing but rave reviews about the service and quality of both the food and drinks.


The wedding:

Gilberto and Honey are incredible. We did our blood test (no problem) and met with them to plan out the day. They were super accomodating and very easy t work with.

I got married on the beach, and added hot pink bows to the chairs. I LOVED how it looked; they even added hot pink gerbera daisies and tropical flowers to complement the colours. It really 'popped' against the sand and I thought it was gorgeous.

The ceremony went beatifuly, and I had two of my friends do short readings throughout even though it was a legal civil ceremony. Gilberto helped organize it, and it went off without a hitch. We brought our own ipod with music for walking down the aisle and signing the book, and I honestly don't know who played it for us. We had a friend that offered to be in charge of the music, but I know that the resort will take care of playing your ceremony music for you as well.

We had quite a group watching the wedding, and nstead of it othering me I found it really touching to hear them all wish us well afterwards, and to see that a few of the ladies even got a little weepy :)


The reception was on the terrace at Zocalo al Fresco. I LOVED this set-up. The bar was there for people to have a drink while we were doing pics, there were bathrooms nearby, and we were off the sand but still had a beautiful ocean view. I chose a cheap menu - a $12 chicken entree with an endive salad, and I swapped the butterscotch cheesecake for dessert. It was wonderful, and everyone loved the food.

I really don't think you need to spend a lot on the food - it is all consistently good anyway.

I brought small white lanterns from home with scented hot pink tealight candles. They set them up around centerpieces filed with hot pink and orange gerbera daisies and lilies. I also had tropical rose petals scattered on the table tops. It was so pretty, and I was completely thrilled. They set u my lanters, etc. at n charge as well.


We had a cake as well - the three tiered version that was supposed to only feed 30-40. It was more than enugh, even though we cut it later on in the evening. I'd recommend ordering smaller than you think - especially if you are also serving a meal.

We played our own music.

The staff was incredible. I felt like I had my own personal butler for the evening - my wne glass was never empty and I was constantly being asked if I needed anything. My family loved the staff, and we even took some cute pictures with them.


The Bad:

I was shocked in my meeting with Gilberto and Hney to fnd out that the vows I was provided by Fabio were the wrong vows. He sent me the 'symbolic' ceremony vows, which I spent 3 weeks revising and personalizing. When I got there I found out that the civil ceremony was nothing like what I had expected. That's why we had our friends say little speeches throughout, to soften it up and make it more personal.

Also, my bouquet picture was not passed along by Fabio. My flowers were gorgeous (hot pink roses with greenery) but not what I expected.

Ladies, make sure you are very diligent about your details.


Another downside was the beach. It is NOT a swimming beach, although you can walk down a few minutes towards "desire" and the beach is much nicer. The sand is gorgeous, and we spent tons of time there regardless.

Also, the resort has quite a few 'construction' glitches to fix. My blinds fell down, the door to my patio had the handle break off in my hand, and our A/C didn't work 3 days out of 7. Not big deals, but annoying.


Overall, I loved my wedding and can honestly say that my friends and family were thoroughly impressed with the resort! Good Luck to all of the future brides, and I'll post some of my candid shots soon :)



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Thanks so much Krista, I'm doing almost the exact same thing down to the gerber daisies =] I'm leaving on Thurs and having the wedding on Saturday. I'm so excited and can't wait to just have some fun after all this planning. I do hope they are consistent in how they treat everyone, because after hearing about your day it sounds wonderful. Did you have space to dance on Zocalo al Fresco? I'm bringing printouts of everything, as suggested by someone on this forum, and I'm also going to try to keep the mindset of going with the flow! Can't wait to see pictures! I'm still trying to get my planning journal ready to post, but work has been crazy trying to get ready to leave. Luckily I've taken the day before we leave off...okay sorry for all the rambling, I'm starting to get nervous energy. I was up at 3am this morning!!!

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Lots of room for dancing. There are columns (posts) throughout the terrace, so keep that in mind when planning the seating. We did 5 tables of 8, with our head table including our witnesses and us. It was great - plenty of room for dancing and mingling, and it felt nice and intimate.

We taught my Grandpa to 'raise the roof' although he referred to it as 'holding up the ceiling' Priceless!

Best of luck to you Tsasha!

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