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It's offical May 5, 2012 is our date.  I waited to post again until I was confirmed with the date but the waiting has seemed so long.  So now that we our confirmed where do I begin?  I feel like my head is spinning and I am so nervous because I want everything to be perfect.  Does anyone have a check list or something that can give me some direction? 

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Jennabug I'm on the same boat as you.  My date is available and I'm waiting for the contract once I can fully tell everyone the date. So excited I feel like it took forever to find a hotel and date. Ours will be held at Azul Beach. If there's a chicklist please send it my way =) Congratulations!

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What a great place to be! And I think your count of 66 is perfect. Congrats!

Originally Posted by MaggieandJay View Post

I am somewhat happy and relaxed. We just closed the booking for the wedding. I have a final number which let me tell you ladies is very awesome feeling because now I can move on. 66 People will be joining us for the weekend. I use to get upset about some of the people who can't come but looking at the list I know that these are the people who care and want the best for Jay and I and that after we are all said and done, I will look at Jay and say "This was the BEST idea we ever had!"


Hang in there ladies still booking people. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!!!

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Well I am still stressing over 3 of FI's family members who haven't paid yet, they are making me crazy!  I am trying to just realize there is not much else I can do, I am not going to keep harrassing them, but also I feel that if I don't put the pressure on, they won't make it and this will be really hard on FI.  They seem to have no sense of urgency to get anything done.  Other than that, I have to get my paperwork into the church.  No one else seems to be doing a catholic ceremony, but it has been just a lot of back and forth trying to get all paperwork in order, and then we are still not even legally married when we get back.  I really need to figure out if it's possible to transfer our documents and have it made legal here, but no idea how to do this, haven't been able to get much info.  

My only other issue is my cousin who is looking into coming from Ireland, she is finding everything to be very expensive.  My TA quoted her a 3 day price for what the rest of my guests are paying for a week.  I feel I have seen lots of UK and Irish brides, so hopefully we will be able to get her a reasonable price.  Fingers crossed!


p.s I love the bridesmaid dress party idea, you have to share some pictures!  I have some really cute ones I could bust out for a party lol.  

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Hey everyone! I've read through some of these threads and they have been SUPER helpful in deciding where I want to have my wedding, which ended up being the Azul Sensatori in the Mayan Rivera area of Mexico....I am very excited! Thanks to everyone for the tips and suggestions!! Now I'm on the way to planning....wish me luck! :)



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Thank you so much I just checked out the site and I dont see why we wouldn't be able to book it from the US without the flight. That is cheaper than what we got our room blocks for.Is it a legit site?


Originally Posted by murmel View Post

Jazz04: Try the Sunwing.ca website. You might just be able to get a room, and then your guests might be able to purchase airfare through another airline.

Right now for June 9- 16 (a full week) it is $847 (CDN)/person for the Junior Jacuzzi room all inclusive. There are rooms available! (not sure how many)

I am sure you can just pay for it with a credit card online, and then the hotel voucher is sent via email.

And if for some reason you can't make it work from the States, I am sure we Canadians can help you somehow!


Good luck!pinkie.gif

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My daughter's wedding will be on May 28th at Azul Beach and we can hardly wait for the wedding and our vacation at this amazing resort.  My daughter and I went on about 12 site visits and Azul Beach was one of our last resorts to visit and once we were there for 10 minutes, she knew that was the place she was going to get married at!  We all can't wait for that exciting day and will report back to everyone after the wedding!

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Welcome to all our newbie!!!! Thanks for the props on my bachlorette theme. It should be really fun; We got everything from cute dresses to REALLY ugly ones coming but it's all part of the fun

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Missing anyone? I think we have some Newbies that aren't on this list


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