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As I'm deleting my junk mail (such a habit), I happened to notice that I was deleting the templates you sent me!  I'm such an idiot!!  If you don't mind sending it again, I'd really appreciate it!  kmasiroff@hotmail.com





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If you don't mind emailing these to me as well, my email is kmasiroff@hotmail.com





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I had the same thing happen to me! My FI's parents are divorced also, so I don't know if that contributes to the whole mess, but we informed all of our friends and family in December 2009 of our intentions of having a destination wedding in Mexico and that we would appreciate feedback. Half of FI family said they would be up for going.. well fastforward to Dec/Jan of 2010/11 and all of sudden it is too dangerous there or the economy is horrible, blah blah blah. (Last I checked, Mexico has had violence for sometime and the economy has sucked since ATLEAST 2008). FI's father gives him some BS excuse that he can't afford to go or contribute anything (we know he has money, he flaunts it every chance he gets) and that he has sacrificed so much for us (by opening the invite? cuz we haven't seen any financial or emotional means) and we should feel bad for him. FI is no longer talking to his dad because of all of this drama he brings to his life and FI dad's girlfriend is emailing us telling us we basically sprung this wedding on them all (we have been engaged since Nov. 2009 and getting married in April 2011) and that we are holding everyone financially hostage. At times you just can't help but feel the happiest time of your life really exposes a lot of skeltons that were hiding in the closet!

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I've had a similar experience. My Family booked and my FI family keep putting it off or say they can't come. It is my opinion that its just not as important to FI family cause his the son.


Ive come to the conclusion if it was just me and my FI on a beach i would be happy. Its just a bonus that some of my own family will be there.


Im sure it will work itself out. And im sure you will have a wonderful day anyway. x


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Originally Posted by Less is more View Post

 BangHead.gifLadies I need help!!!!!! the resort andmy TA just called me and said that AS overbooked and has to move my entire party to ABeach.  This is with my wedding less than a week away we leave tuesday!!!. and I have no idea whats going on.  where my wedding will be , where the reception will be, nothing.  I had everything planned for over a year and they just call and move us!!!  I am devistated .......shit can't even stop crying! So any ladies planning at AB if you could give me a crash course on things that will be gratelly appreciated.  Locatins for reception , beach wedding, area for cocktail party...any and everything. 

I know I am later than ever but I just said a prayer for you in hopes that things went smoother and more beautiful than you ever expected!!! My heart goes out ot you, but deep down I know everything happens for a reason and that you had a WONDERFUL wedding day! xoxo

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Question for those of you that have your invitations done or in the works...

Most of the sites I have searched say if you are paying for the wedding yourself, you don't have to put any of your parents names on the invitation...

BUT...I am afraid that because we are still 8 months to our wedding, our parents haven't antied up anything because they still have time.

There has been no conversation about anyone helping us (which is fine), but I am afraid they will down the road and then its too late to have them on the invitation... I was thinking of just putting "together with their families"....anyone have ideas?? 

(I really think everyone feels because they are getting themselves there, that is them helping us.....and its an expensive wedding to go to, and are totally forgetting they are going on vacation for a week at an all inclusive!)  thatswck.gif


We didn't want to nurse any hurt feelings so we just put in small font...."Together with their loving families....." and left it at that. 

Originally Posted by 1106wedding View Post

We were in a similar situation when trying to figure out how to word things. The way things stand: My parents are paying a third (which is a lot for them), we are paying at least half and his parents have only agreed (so far!) to throw a third of what my parents are contributing. In a way it didn't feel right to give both parents equal "credit" on the invitations but in the end, it felt even weirder to do anything other than "Jessie and Chris, together with our families, invite...." so that's what we did. I'm really hopeful that his parents will throw in more (they have the means to) and I imagine that once guests from their side start rsvp-ing, they'll be more willing to pitch in. I don't want to sound ungrateful because I really am grateful...I am! ;) My we do need a little help, especially if a lot of people say they're coming! I have a 7 page budget that I've shared with both families to show them exactly how things add up. We've actually budgeted in a couple hotel room nights to surprise my parents (and his if they end up throwing in more) with a paid room as a thank you. HOpe this helps....



I feel your pain but didn't want to offend anyone, so see above.....

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Hello Everyone!


We are trying to decide what time to have the ceremony for our May 28th wedding and we are deciding between 4 and 4:30 p.m. Our photographer recommends 4:30 or 5 p.m. but I am wanting the ceremony time earlier so we can have a 5 hour reception instead of a 4 hour reception.  Azul says that all receptions/private events must end at 11 p.m. The only problem with having a earlier ceremony is that my FI hates the heat and sweats easily. cheesy.gif


What time is everyone having their ceremony at? For all the brides that have already been married...How hot was it for your ceremony? Also, has anyone had a reception that lasted later than 11 p.m.?





We are getting married on the same day. We asked our photogs advice (who is based in Mexico) and she suggested 5pm....so that is what we went with.


By the way, nice signature....  ;-)

Originally Posted by nv+gms View Post

Our photographer posted some pics to his blog!

Have a look at all the entries for Natasha and Guy!



Beautiful, you captured every locale in Mexico! Very nice pics!!!

Originally Posted by Mahalo79 View Post

Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to check in and vent a little bit, I am very stressed!  So long story short, our final payments are due today, which is fine and I have known is coming for a looonng time!  Unfortunatley, FI's parents are apparantly super financially irrespsonsible and don't have their money ready to pay ON TIME!!  So know I am supposed to do what?  FI wants me to call the TA and just tell him to extend the deadline as they can't pay right now.  I have just exactly enough to pay for myself and FI trip on my card or I would put their trip on.  FI doesn't have a credit card either (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree?! )  I am so irritated and I don't know what to do.  I can't help it his family is completley irresponsible and can't get thier *&^$ together.  Anyways, I don't know what to do or what TA will say, but I guess I can only ask.  I can pay a part of thier trip, the deposit has already been paid.  So thanks for letting me vent a little, I am very upset.  Also already I have more family coming than him, he only has his parents and one sister coming, so he is very upset too that they are not getting it together.  I have to phone FMIL today, please give me the wisdom to be very calm and polite while speaking to her, cause I feel like saying a lot of things I probably shouldn't, like aren't you the parents?  Start acting like it!!  I wouldn't be so annoyed if it was just that they couldn't afford it, but they did just buy a flat screen t.v at christmas and his Dad went on a trip with friends, so what does that say!  
Thanks ladies, I can't vent to just anybody, especially about his parents LOL!

I feel your pain.....we spent more time over the past few months stressing and worrying about other people's financial situations. We finally had a talk two weeks ago and said to heck with everyone. We went out of our way to give people ample notice (we sent out our STD's a year in advance) and we booked with DW.com so that they could have no-interest payment plans to budget as needed. We cut our bridal party last week because one won't be able to travel due to a new pregnancy and the remaining 3 still aren't sure and keep stringing us along rather than just being honest about their situations. We told them they will be "honorary" bridal party members and we can't wait to have them as guests still. And we have become comfortable that as long as we are together and healthy, everyone who is meant to be there will be and all the rest willl have to own their situations and lack of planning. Don't take ownership for anyone else's irresponsibilty and do your best to just focus on you and your FI as hard as it may be at times. Chin up! :-) 

Originally Posted by MaggieandJay View Post

Ok This picture does not do it justice but I bought the cutest Turtle table number holders last night from Etsy and since i have a turtle in my monogram I thought it would tie together nicely. We aren't doing too much decorating on the tables so trying to keep it simple.


Etsy Seller is bitspeaces


custom order 8 self standing turtle place card holders

VERY cute! 

Originally Posted by beaz2be View Post

Hi Ladies,


Just wanted to check in and let you all know that I'm still alive.  To be honest, I've been lurking a little bit on here from time to time - reading posts and trying to keep up.  But generally, I've been kinda avoiding the forum because everytime I read the posts I just feel more stressed.  hahaha -


hearing about frustrated brides being moved to AB (OMG I am so sorry you're going through that right before the big day) to the resort being booked full for our wedding weekend (right after I sent out my invites)  ugghh... anyways I found for a while there that just keeping my head down and doing my own thing was the best for my stress level.


But... I'm hoping to be back and more involved for the rest of my planning process.  I know that everyone on here has helped me so much and I do want to share my experience and knowledge with others too as I think it's key for everyone to plan their weddings more easily.


That said - we sent out our invites back in January (formal invites - had already done email save the dates back last may)... I'm going to try and take a picture of them this weekend after I find my camera and post on here to share with everyone. 


Right now, we're working on planning an excursion day (probably to Chichen Itza and a cenote) and figuring out when everyone's flights arrive to decide when to do a welcome cocktail reception (or if to do one at all). 


I remember last year lots of brides to be made lists and posted them weekly to help them keep on top of their to dos... hmmm maybe an idea to copy. 


Anyways, long post... sorry  cheesy.gif  Welcome all the newbies.  Congrats to those who I missed saying that to recently and thanks for understanding my hiatus everyone  

I am right there with you... lurking is about all I can do as of late. ;-) 

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Hi ladies! I just wanted to say hello and welcome all the Newbies. I haven't been on here lately because I have been out of town for work on travel status and do not like to access this site from my work laptop. I know I owe about three of you PM responses and I will get right to it this evening as soon as we get back from skating. I only had a chance to catch up today because it is a Holiday and I have the day off....but I did want to extend my well wishes to you all.  :-)  Take care and Happy Planning!!!

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Hi TLGnhci, I am sure I am super late on this but I believe you had said something about having to pay full price for your 13 year old daughter (atleast I think she was 13), but I wanted to let you know I looked at my contract and I have a child price (6-15) for 6 nights in a luxury ocean view suite for $337.56.

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Thank YOU so much!!!!! I order from there all the time!!!!!

Originally Posted by amcferron View Post

Hey girls!!  I don't post very often, but have learned how useful Vistaprint is.  So, wanted to share this deal with you guys:




Go to this website and pay $10 for $50 to use at vistaprint!!  Happy planning!!


Originally Posted by TLGnhci View Post

Hey girls,


For those of you who are married, how early did you get your hair/make up done?  Or for girls getting married, what are you thinking?  My ceremony is at 5 and I want like an hour before to get some pics with my daughter, mom and bridesmaids. 

I am using the spa but apparently they are full my wedding day so I HAD to take 11am which was fine with me


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I am so addicted to VistaPrint right now.  You guys may already know this, but depending on the link you use to get to the website, you get different prices!


This is how I got the tshirts for $4.50!  If you go through a different link, they show up $8.  Its so crazy!  If anyone is interested in the Ts, let me know and Ill see if I can send the link.


Then I found a way to order 100 post cards for free (just pay $6 shipping)...10 minutes later I went through the same link and ordered a different 100 for free again! 

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Melissa - Instead of Pepto, I got Tums Quick Paks on Ebay (72 individual paks for $13, including shipping/handling). 


Also, I see your questioning the first-aid kit...I had that on my original list, but since my OOT bag is including advil, tums, bandaids, etc...it seemed a separate first-aid kit might not be necessary. 


Lastly, there is a really great thread in the general section.  I think the title is "OOT Bags, what worked and what didnt".  Or something like that? 

Originally Posted by murmel View Post

 I had to get everything sent to Canada so it was more expensive. But try these places for some of the above:

Pepto Bismol (ebay) (we ended up buying single dose packs of Immodium from an ebay dealer called: barginsdelivered. They were very helpful, and based in the US, so it should be really cheap for you)

Shout wipes. Try a site called http://www.minimus.biz/ They have an amazing selection of everything travel related. Super for those of you in the US, the shipping to Canada made it too expensive.

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regarding vistaprint....yes, be sure to try different links to get different prices!!


and with OOT bag stuff.....i bought first aid kits and was able to just add ibuprofen, immodium, pepto bismol, and a roll of tums INTO the kit and then made a sticker on vistaprint to put on top of the kit!!  and yes, it all fit!!  :)

Originally Posted by JaimeCF2BR View Post

Melissa - Instead of Pepto, I got Tums Quick Paks on Ebay (72 individual paks for $13, including shipping/handling). 


Also, I see your questioning the first-aid kit...I had that on my original list, but since my OOT bag is including advil, tums, bandaids, etc...it seemed a separate first-aid kit might not be necessary. 


Lastly, there is a really great thread in the general section.  I think the title is "OOT Bags, what worked and what didnt".  Or something like that? 


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    • Planning to get married? Let’s discover some great wedding venues in Bangalore. The increasing demand for the wedding venues in Bangalore makes it very difficult for both the bride’s and groom’s family to get hold of a marriage hall that is suitable for the marriage. As they say, marriages have to be organized in a grand fashion. The atmosphere and the ambiance of a wedding make it memorable for a lifetime. Though there are a plenty of wedding venues in Bangalore, there is only a handful of them that are really good, Offering the best possible experience.  Some of the most popular wedding venues in Bangalore are: THE TAMARIND TREE: Tamarind Tree has the old world charm. This is one of the best wedding venues in Bangalore that boast about its eco-friendly surrounding. Built in the middle of a few acres of garden filled with lush greenery and trees, which also includes the tamarind tree after which it was named, a pond, a stage for the band, classic looking pavilions for the guests to sit, and a lot of spaces around the area. The premise has two large kitchens with a very special fully stocked bar and a lot of space where the guests can dine comfortably. The place can accommodate up to 1000 guests. Customer Reviews : Address: 88, Kanakapura road, Anjanapura post, Avalahalli, Royal Park residency layout 2, 9th phase. JP Nagar, Bangalore 560062 THE COURTYARD HOUSE: The courtyard house is located off Sarjapur Road, the premise is a unique and unconventional property suited for various events, namely weddings. The outdoor space of courtyard house draws in people looking to get away from the traffic and noise in the city, well within the city limits. The green grass and tall trees make for great photographic backdrops making it popular for wedding events. Customer Reviews : Address: Janatha Colony, Gunjur Palya, Bengaluru 560087 RITZ-CARLTON:   The Ritz-Carlton has over 277 spacious rooms and suites and is one of the most luxurious hotels in Bangalore. Seven luxurious restaurants, the Ritz-Carlton spa, and tastefully appointed meeting spaces make it ideal to host marriage occasions. Customer Reviews : Address: 99, Residency Road, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru 560025 BALAN FARM CONVENTION CENTER: Balan farm is a green, wooded island of peace and serenity nestled quietly in the busy rapidly developing JP Nagar. Neighboring the Brigade Millenium Apartments and L&T South city it spreads across two acres of an old orchard retaining the ancient fruit-bearing trees and landscaped gardens. Balan Farm convention center JP Nagar has over 10,000 sq ft of the tiled canopy without any walls blocking and it makes for a really good view. Customer Reviews : Address: 99/4, Nataraja Layout, JP Nagar 7th Phase, Bengaluru 560078 HYATT MG ROAD: Hyatt a 5 Star hotels in Bangalore is located on MG Road. The guest rooms are colorful with a great view of the city, this makes it an ideal place for private ceremonies with 2300 sq ft of meeting and event space. The Hyatt MG road, Bangalore also has restaurants like the Pink Poppadom, Liquid Lounge, and Bar. Customer Reviews : Address: 1/1, Swami Vivekananda Road, Someshwarpura, Ulsoor, Bengaluru 560008 BUNGALOW 7 Bungalow7 offers a unique setting for a wedding, pre-wedding and post-wedding functions. The place hosts a variety of public and private events all within a stunning heritage setting of central Bangalore. Customer Reviews : Address: 7, Hall Road, Richards Town, Bengaluru 560005 GAYATRI VIHAR MANTAPA: Gayatri Vihar is one of the most luxurious wedding halls situated on Palace ground. It boasts of a massive one lakh sq ft area which can easily accommodate up to 5000 guests. The ambiance of the place makes it ideal for community gatherings and private parties. Customer Reviews : Address: Jayamahal Palace Ground, Bengaluru 560080
    • My best friend is getting married with his long-term girlfriend next month. As a best friend, I want to give them the best present they would ever receive on their special day. I am planning to buy them plane tickets and book them for a one week trip abroad. However, I am torn between Ukraine ski trip and a tour to Lima, Peru. My best friend loves skiing and his future wife is a chef, so I presume she would want to experience a Peruvian taste. Now, I am confused. Which is which? I would appreciate it if you guys will leave a comment to help me out with this. Suggesting a way better idea which will accommodate the two activities for the soon-to-be wedded couple is a big help too. Thanks!    
    • Hello all!! I'm getting married next week. Every arrangement has been done by my sister for my special day. When I joined in an MNC I was troubled with severe headaches and as per my colleague's instruction, I took an appointment in a nearby eye clinic. And after an eye examination in Toronto, the eye specialist diagnosed hypermetropia in me. And the doctor prescribed eyeglasses for me. The doctor suggested me to wear eyeglasses during the working time. But I used to wear it sometimes not every day. Then I was troubled with severe eye strain and headache and mom was scolding me to wear eyeglasses every day. I thought of saying goodbye to eyeglasses forever. I'm planning for a Lasik eye surgery soon before my marriage. I don't know whether I'm eligible for Lasik eye surgery. I'm tensed about its recovery time and its complications. Can someone help me by sharing your views?  
    • In the 2017 bridal fashion week, many styles of wedding dresses were gradually popular. From serious bling to regal capes and fun and flirty short numbers, ByCouturier've got all the hottest wedding dress trends you need to know. Allover Sparkle
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      If you're looking to make a dramatic entrance, a classic ball gown is for you—and we saw plenty of them. Take a cue from long, lace sleeves, or get glam with an embellished strapless bodice. No matter the details, this voluminous style is sure to turn heads.  Captivating Capes
      Not into veils? A full-length bridal cape or shorter capelet is the perfect alternative: It still adds movement to your gown, but feels fashion forward. Plus, this trend is an easy way to pull off a mid-wedding outfit change. Wear a cape or capelet for a more formal look during your ceremony, then whisk it away to hit the dance floor at your reception. Short, Sassy Dresses
      Whether you show off your legs (and a killer pair of heels) in an embellished mini or opt for a more conservative midi-length number, a wedding dress with a flirty hemline is a chic way to mix it up. Not willing to give up your dream ball gown? Change into a shorter frock to spice up your reception or after-party.  Plunging Necklines
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      Skinny Straps
      We love this trend for two reasons: A gown with barely there straps has all of the sex appeal of a strapless neckline, plus added support. We call that a bridal fashion win. 
    • Hello all, 
      I am here to get some suggestions on the best places to go on a honeymoon. I am getting married by the end of next month. 
      I was thinking of Bali or Maldives. But just wanted to know other beautiful and romantic places. The wedding banquet hall is a gift from our parents. The hall they have booked for us is one of the best banquet halls in Vaughan I’ve ever seen... Other arrangements like the videographer, photographer, wedding dress, reception dress are all finalized. The next week we have the pre-wedding shoot. Also, I'll start sending the invitations the same week. So, it is going to be hectic and I don't have time to rest or look for some nice places. So, if anyone here could suggest some places would be a great help. 
      Let me know your suggestions. 
      Thanks in advance! 
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