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Where in the reception location did you have the tall glass vases and hanging corsages transferred to?  Thats a great idea!






Originally Posted by nv+gms View Post

Everything is transferable.  Of course they charge set up fees - but its cheap.  100-150 depending on how much work you give them.  I had my tall glass vases, bows, hanging corsages etc etc all sent over to the reception site.  I also had them do a number of other things - set up of things I brought down myself.  It cost 150 (cash). 

I added all these details to the comment section of my detail sheet so that it could not be missed!

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Previous brides can you answer my questions.

What happens to the hanging corsages from your ceremony, are they transfered to your reception area?

If you get chair bows for your ceremony do you have to pay agin to have them at your reception?


It just seems like its all money money money!!!


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Were just the bride and groom greeted by a waiter with a tray of Mojoitos or were all the guests greeted with the Mojoitos?


Originally Posted by murmel View Post

Originally Posted by Less is more View Post

welcome back murmel!!!  I am so happy that last minute things work with the lomas group.  My friends want to go to Coco bongo in playa del carmen or Cancun.  I wasn't sure if this was going to possible but i think it will work its way out.  I will coordinate things once down there.  Ok based on what yo have seen what is a cool place to meet for a welcome party before dinner.  I would love to meet at a bar or location to mingle with guest and then make reservations for the group for dinner.  Was the mexican restaurant good? Any suggestions ladies.  We are doing the spoon for rehearsal dinner.  Ok one more question do you actually have a rehearsal of how the ceremony will flow with music and everything?  So happy your back and can't wait to see the review!


For your friends, if you want someone local to accompany them into town late at night. Talk to Oscar the bellhop. He took a bunch of our friends into town and made sure everyone was safe and got back.(but they did not leave until the end of his shift 1130pm? I think)If you want to do a tour, there are a bunch as well.( I know that Lomas tours can do a return trip van (holds 7) for $100 (to Cancun). They pick you up at the resort, drop you off in town, and then the van will be waiting outside at the predetermined time.  Talk to Adrian at the resort, he's in the lobby at the Lomas desk! Tell him you are getting married, and he will be super helpful! He bent over backwards to make sure everything went smoothly for us :)


Good spots for meeting up with people. Depends on your number of guests. The adult bar, by the adult pool is stunning at night, with the multicolor lights. (good for about 15-25 guests). Lots of chairs and tables.The Mojoito lounge (adults only) in the lobby building, but will hold lots of people. You could also tell people to meet right in the lobby, there are great couches, and this would allow for kids. And for drinks, just run into the Mojoito bar. The backside of the Mexican restaurant has some nice chairs and tables (likely good for about 20-30) and kids could join. And the bar is great!   We often met people is the 'coffee hut'. At the bottom of the giant stairs behind the lobby building. There are lots of chairs, tables, hangs beds, pop machine, coffee machine. For drinks run back up to the Mojoito lounge, or the back of the Mexican restuarant. We usually went up to the Mojioto lounge and had one of the waiters carry all the drinks down for us! Tipped him $5 and he would come down every 20 minutes to take orders. Keep in mind there was usually no less than 30 of us sitting and singing down there! And the kids loved the swinging beds.


All the food was great! No complaints. A lot of the families liked Spoon, just because it was a buffet and the kids didn't have to wait for the food. They just wanted to get back out to play at the kids club. The parents loved it. They had to feed the kids between 5-7pm. and then from 7pm to 9:30 the kids would be busy in the kids club again. So every night the parents could join others and have a nice dinner!


I was so nervous about the ceremony and how it would flow! There is no rehersal, so it worried me. But they go through the details with you. Example: how will the groom enter, groomsmen, bridesmaids, bride, etc. , special details, etc. Best thing I can suggest: MAKE YOUR IPOD LISTS SIMPLE. We had   1) guest arrival music; 2) grooms entrance; 3) brides entrance; 4) registry signing; 5) exit music. They simply hit the correct list and they do an amazing job of it. My song was a bit long, and they just faded it. 

The basics of my ceremony. The guests sat down. The groom and his groomsmen entered. Bridesmaids enter, I walked down the aisle. The judge asked who was giving me away (my sister walked me down). Then she asked guests to sit and welcomed everyone. Basic little intro about marriage and then started into the vows. Repeat after me type. After this we said our own vows. She then went through ring exchange.We then  went and signed a certificate. Pronounced us husband and wife. We kissed and exited. At the end of the wooden runner we were greeted by a waiter with a tray of Mojoitos (custom cocktail-just ask for it when you have your meeting with the ONSITE coordinators. When I asked the Miami WC it was suppose to cost me $200. It cost us nothing onsite!) **Please note we did the symbolic ceremony- not legal.


Hope that helps! And the onsite coordinators will keep telling you "Don't worry". It's hard to do, but they do an amazing job.

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Originally Posted by melfaybik View Post


Were just the bride and groom greeted by a waiter with a tray of Mojoitos or were all the guests greeted with the Mojoitos?

All of our guests! cheers.gif


Also I have (hopefully) managed to post my resort review.

Here's the link:



If that does not work, it's under Resorts/Villas, Azul Sensatori.



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Gorgeous pics Miriam!


How was wearing heels in the sand?  I noticed your BMs did it too!  I practiced in heels during a site visit and did fine, but I'm curious how it goes during the REAL thing :).

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I had no problems in the sand! Only thing might have been getting some sand in around my toes. I think all the girls and our guests had no problems. The sand is so hard packed there! Just don't stand on your heels LOL...then you might sink a little!

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