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Congratulations on your wedding at AS. This site is so helpful I dont know what I'd do without all the tips and advice. Its a lot to read through but well worth spending a while reading. Happy searching.



Originally Posted by mrsgoose View Post

Hey Ladies!


I'm getting married at AS June 25, 2011 and I'm new to all of this!  I have 50 guests right now and we're getting married on the beach.  I wanted Zavas for my reception but it's already booked! :( 

We had trouble with our original WC and she never submitted our request so we lost Zavas and I'm really upset.  Has anyone heard of anything about Palapas Yoga?  My new WC assurred me that it's big enough for 50 people.  Any advice you could provide would be appreciated!




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hey mrs goose!

we are getting married on the beach and then cocktail reception in the palapa yoga. we also requested palza zavaz for our evening reception but were told we couldn't have it so we are probably goin to go with the palapa yoga. I have been sent some lovely pics of it our only concern is that we don't want the guests tables too far away from eachother so we have asked if all 5 tables can be placed on one side of the palapa rather than on either side. We have 40 guests so our tables would go on the outside of the palapa with the palapa being our dance floor area.x

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Hey Ladies!


We're back and I just typed a review of the resort.



I have to say we didn't want to leave. A lot of our guests didn't want to spend a lot of money so majority only stayed 3 nights but all of them wound up wishing they could stay. We had a blast!!! Here are a few pics of our day, but there a LOTS more on Facebook if you're my friend. If not, friend me and let me know you're from BDW.




Our aisle runner band which was supposed to attach to their white aisle runner but this is what we got.




My bouquet


My and my hubby....I like me in the pic although I think he was talking. lol


Let me know if anyone wants to see anything specific. And PM me your questions after you read my review. I'm going to do a planning thread and a review of Andrew Jordan, our photog, who was AMAZING!!

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Meredith...Welcome back!!  I love bling, so needless to say, I absolutely love your Cake and Flowers!!  Please share the details of both of these.  I must have them!


Great review.  Thank you for sharing so many great details.  Just curious...why did you change from Zavas Plaza to the Ocean Room?  I hadn't even considered this Ocean Room so I'm curious to know your thoughts.

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