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Hi All! I'm a Newbie :)

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Can I just say how fabulous this site is?! Oh my goodness!


As for my required info.: My log on name is MotownPhilly cuz I'm from Detroit and he's from Philly.


My wedding date is to be determined. I am very much in the pre-planning stage--we're not officially engaged yet and he doesn't understand how much advance planning is required (or notice) though we both want to marry next summer. Alas, I am getting the ball rolling.


My goal is to do it in Jamaica and I'm shooting for sometime in June or July 2009. I was originally thinking Rose Hall but now, I'm considering Ochos Rios since everyone seems to love it.


So that's it in a pre-engaged nutshell. Already this forum has been a terrific resource. I'm really looking forward to learning more and hopefully giving information in return. Thanks!

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