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UGH! What is it with Dreams and never getting an answer! If it weren't for me hiring TA Jill, I would still be waiting on a confirm for my Date! :-( I filled out a form for Claudia Rodriguez, Twice now and I just filled one out for Juan Navarro. But I haven't seen anyone on this site who had pics done by him! Craziness. I was thinking of asking the WC if I can just use my 50 pics that come in my package for my TTD session. I wasn't going to do one, but if I hire an outside photographer..I might as well put those 50 photos to good use, ya know?

I'd probably book Claudia Rodriguez if she would get back to me..Ever :-)

Sorry..I'm done venting! :-)

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post #9 has some pictures that he did for our reception...he was included in our package for an hour...one of his associates did our reception and it was just mediocre work. I'm not sure if Juan's work is similar or different. I also wrote a short review, more just my thoughts on his work.


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