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#61 Hazel

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    Posted 23 February 2009 - 11:47 AM

    Hi everyone,

    So I received a quote back from one of the the music vendors (for a band, junikanoo rush, saxaphonist, and/or DJ) and his prices were way to expensive for me, plus I really think I can get a better deal if I do some more research. Has anyone else booked vendors for these services?

    #62 Cdrolz

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      Posted 18 May 2009 - 09:08 PM

      Hazel- How was your visit to the Bahamas? Did you figure out your vendors? My wedding is not until January, but I am looking into places to have my other events, florists, music etc now. My Floral Arts Quote is getting insane, as with every thing else, so any good ideas would help!

      #63 ultimateme143

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        Posted 16 June 2009 - 05:18 PM

        I have returned from my May 2nd wedding at Atlantis. I have a few complaints but over all its was wonderful.
        Floral Arts was over rated. The website is beautiful and they seem to do good work, but it must be for people that have no budget. I picked one of the centerpieces that was on the website and I was totally ripped off. The picture has all white flowers with NO green and mine was half flowers and the rest green fill. I did the turquoise and white draped arch for the ceremony and it was small and so cheap looking. My bouquet was suppose to be white hydranga with light pink roses. The roses were HOT pink. The bridesmaids bouqets were suppose to be shells filled with the same but they were all roses and there were only about 5-6 of them. so it looked undone. I spent $3000 and got nothing that I wanted or expected. BUT... things did look pretty. and to be honest the day went by so fast that you dont even notice all the details. So my suggestion is to keep it simple, depending on what locations you chose.

        The DJ BLEW!!!! When you get there, the coordinator will have you sit down with all your vendors. We sat down with the DJ and told him that we wanted top 40 hip hop and r&b songs with a couple 70's-80's songs for the older crowd. Well, all they played were old songs. If music is important I suggest you make a song list and tell them not to go off of it.

        Matthew Sweeting was our minister, and he was great. I highly reccomend him.

        Kevin Williams was our photographer. I havent received any pictures from him yet. But I do warn you that he is a little traditional. Just tell him what your looking for and he will make it happen. Just be very clear and dont be afraid to be blunt.

        The hotel was great. They totally took care of us. Special things were sent to our room, all requests were taken care of right away. Not to mention the nice upgrades when you get there. We had our ceremony on west beach and the reception at the royal overlook. The royal over look was really nice, but the beach wasn't so. but then again, I was so nervous and so wrapped up in getting married that day that I barely noticed. But I do recommend the overlook for a group of 30-40 max. Any more then that its too crowded.

        oh... and I forgot, the fire dancer was great. Lots of fun and everyone thought it was great.

        If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. I would post pictures but I am a spaz and cant figure it out.

        #64 ultimateme143

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          Posted 16 June 2009 - 05:20 PM

          oh I forgot to add that we had the welcome dinner at Carmines. It was amazing. SO much food. family style Italian food and seating. I would deffinetly reccomend it. We had 36 at the welcome dinner, 40 at the wedding.

          #65 ultimateme143

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            Posted 17 June 2009 - 03:04 PM

            Silly me, if you really want to check out some pictures you can go to www.shaunkristenswedding.shutterfly.com

            #66 Cdrolz

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              Posted 26 June 2009 - 05:33 PM

              Hi Ultimateme143,
              thanks so much for posting your info! Sorry to hear Floral Arts didn't live up. We're you able to get some of your $$ back or rectify the situation at all? I'm going to be using them for my wedding in 6 months, and I hope I don't have any problems with them. What was the name of your DJ?

              #67 nadinekara

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                Posted 06 July 2009 - 08:20 AM

                I just was married at the Atlantis and it was a wonderful destination wedding!!!! I had a small amount of guest- got married on Cove Beach- Shenique my wedding coordinator was superb! We were able to do a welcome party along with the Reception- which we had outside - no rain and perfect at the Dragon's Den! oh it was a fantastic site as one part can be used as a dance floor, than seating and then people can wander down to the next leve for privacy. Even though- you think the prices are outrageous (sp?) and the lack of choices of Vendors a bit much- I have to say with my first desire to do the British Virgin Islands- you have to take into account your guest- most hotels who have "cheaper wedding packages" but a lot of responsiblity on the guest to pay out of pocket for a 375 hotel room without the class and guarantee of quality of the Atlantis, let alone the flight to other islands- nassau is affordable these days. It was great because we were able to all get together and do the adult lazy river together, we went on the bahama mama cruise- they all loved. and if a bit of a nice bachelor/bachelorette party at the night club. Everything was great- no regrets. loved our preacher, Shawn McKenzie, our violionist, and our photography from the resort- Oh! and the food was beyond perfect! It was better than any meal in the resort- the Chiliean Sea Bass and Jerk Chicken was a win! We also used our own IPOD with loud speakers and my brother as a DJ- and it went over well. Especially with an intimate crowd. Downside- my order from Floral Arts was not what I asked but it worked, and the champagne list and wine was very limited and pricey. But overall- Everyone loved the weekend stay and I was able to spend time with each of my guest in a way that a 20,000 wedding day you would never be able to have. Only other advice- you may feel like they aren't working with you and things aren't all together, do negotiate, but overall, when you get there, the wedding coordinators and staff are working so hard for you. Shenique was like my maid of honor! She was availabe and I mean available and working so hard when we arrived. She's the best!

                #68 nadinekara

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                  Posted 06 July 2009 - 08:28 AM

                  [Same experience with Floral Arts,
                  but overall a great experience- even though they get you with some of their fees- other resorts charge your guest a lot higher hotel prices...
                  and Everyone loves to say they were at the Atlantis!
                  seeing your parents on the tubes is the best, and the food was great!

                  #69 ultimateme143

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                    Posted 10 July 2009 - 09:54 PM

                    some pictures to enjoy

                    #70 classadiva

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                      Posted 08 September 2009 - 04:25 PM


                      Has anyone else had any recent experiences with booking a wedding at the Atlantis? The Atlantis is just about my favorite place in the world as I visit it usually at least once a year and would LOVE to have my wedding there. Having been there this past September and for a quick stop on a cruise last week, it's easy to see that business is slow. Real slow. I would love to have 100 guests and by the time all of the extras are added, I'm starting to think that a wedding at the Atlantis is just not doable. So...I have a couple of questions:

                      1) Has anyone been able to negotiate a better rate than the $150 minimum?

                      2) Do they still require that all guests stay at the Atlantis or Harborside? Can you negotiate a 2 night instead of a 3 night minimum?

                      3) From what I read, you can bring your own vendors for photography, florist, DJ and music...is that correct?

                      4) Can you bring in your own cake or do you have to purchase a cake from the Atlantis? If you must purchase a cake from the Atlantis, how much would a cake for 100 guests cost?

                      5) Is the site fee still $3,000? If so...any room for negotiation?

                      6) If you have used the Atlantis for your wedding, what wedding coordinator at the Atlantis would you recommend? Can we choose?

                      7) Finally...any suggestions for a wedding in the Bahamas other than the Atlantis that is more cost effective?

                      Thanks...I have so many questions!!

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