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ROR location of the beach gazebo & mammey bay restaurant

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Hi Girls, After reading all you usefull info, I still have a few questions, I was hoping that you could help me. Im getting married at 1 april 2009 at 16:00. And after the ceremony and the pictures, I want to have a toast on the beach at the gazebo, maybe some music for an hour or so, just to kill some time untill dinner. I was wondering where exactly is the location of the beach gazebo on the resort. I have seen many pictures taken of the gazebo, but with the view of the ocean, no idea where it stands. And my next question is, for the dinner, where should I go best. I have about 15 people with me, and was thinking about the mammey bay restaurant. But does it has nice vieuw of the beach, and is it suiteble for e wedding dinner, I dont have many demands or so, but I do want it to be a little private and special. Not just dinning with all the other resort guests. Does any of you girls have some pictures for me of mammey beach restaurant, and of the view? and of the location of the beach gazebo? I would be sooo thankfull!

Hope to hear from you girls!

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Hi JesJess,

When you are facing the ocean, the beach gazebo is at the farthest left corner of the resort.

I think the Mammee Bay restaurant would be perfect for your dinner, it is an open air restaurant, and they will put you and your guests on the balcony overlooking the ocean. It's very private and the food is delicious.

Many of us ROR brides have had our dinners at Mammee Bay, you can look through our reviews with pics to find some photos. There are some reviews in this Jamaica section, and some in the main part of BDW under "Wedding Reviews".

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