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I hate this economy!

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He really wants to go back where he was working. He made decent money and had great hours- 6am-330pm with half days on friday. The down fall was they had horrible benefits. The insurace was super expensive and had a $4000yearly deductable. My prayer is he finds a compairable job with better benefits. I just hope he can find something on 1st shift. We can afford alittle bit of a pay decrease but the hours are a big concern of both of ours. He has a friend who works for UPS and who has been telling him for years he could get him a job. I think he needs to call him up...lol Another option we are looking into is him going back to school. Since he is laid off we could get more financial aid and there is some sort of trade adjustment act that allows him to draw unemployment longer while he is in school! Of all the options, I think him taking class is the best thing he could do! He just doesn't really have a huge interest in doing it. I know he would do it to improve our lives but I think he needs to be into in order to do well. I know this from my own experiance!

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