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My neighbor is so weird.

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I have lived in the same house for the past 13 years so my neighbors have become like extended family. Well my neighbors oldest son who lives in Florida has a little boy who comes up here to spend the summer with his grandparents. The little boy is 3 and I love him to pieces. Well this past Sunday the baby came and he's staying for a couple of weeks. I saw the baby when he first arrived and I haven't seen him since. I called over to her house earlier to ask if he could come over for a little while and she said no. So I asked if he could atleast come outside so I could see him and she told me to stop asking her questions. I was like WHAT?! As close as we are and as much as I love that little boy you tell me no I can't see him. I was so hurt. But I should have expected that from her because she does all the time. She doesn't want any one around him but her. She's so weird. She holds him all day and wants him to only want her. WTF. Why would you carry a 3 year old around all day. He should be outside playing or atleast in the house playing. I understand that he's her grandson but other people love him too. I'm convinced she's just a weirdo.

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