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Announcing our newest Mods!!!

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SCORE!! Jamy! Now I've got an "in" with the mods!!! hehehe


Congrats, you know I adore you to death!!! :)



Congrats Maura!!! I've always seen a good sense of "diplomacy" in all your posts, so I know you'll be a great mod too! :)

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Originally Posted by Nrvsbride View Post

Every morning Jamy will have to get me my virtual coffee. Then Maura will have to sort my PM's in order of importance. Then Jamy and Maura will take turns writing witty posts under my name so I can claim all the glory as a well-spoken humorous mod. gun.gif

Seriously, if Jamy and Maura are anything like me, they will do absolutely nothing b/c they will be worthless like me. But since they are awesome girls I know they will help out a tremendous deal! cheer2.gif
hahaha i just saw this :) mmmmm, i adore virtual coffee wink.gif put me on that list too!

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