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help me come up with cool fortune cookie sayings

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Hahhaaaa, great quotes/saying girls! Perhaps I will do this no matter what other favor I decide on.


Love the cookie monster one!


And Rebecca - I just knew that you would have some great ones to add. If Morgan wasn't busy getting married and whatnot, she'd probably be writing funny shit about ferrets.

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Hey Carly,


Hope I am not getting to this to late... My brother just got married last July and he and my sister-in-law Karen did fortune cookies for their wedding favors.


The company they used was Custom, Personalized and Giant Chinese Fortune Cookies and had the cutest little saying inside. The cookies were really cute and tasted GREAT (I think they had cherry flavored and cappuccino flavoredhuh.gif).


I read your post and emailed Karen and she sent this to me which is what the company sent to her to help her write fortunes.

Hope this helps!





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Originally Posted by LC_Rachel View Post
"Sometimes me think what is love, and then me think love is what last cookie is for. Me give up the last cookie for you."- Cookie Monster
Oh I love Cookie Monster, what a man (creature-thing), this quote is the cutest thing ever. I stole it as my Myspace saying.

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