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Originally Posted by DougsGirl View Post
Click the image to open in full size.
kind of hard to see but these are mine. i've had similar issues with people asking stupid questions like "i thought you were getting married on a lake" and things like that.

also, there is a line to check off to the left of the wording, most of the people havent checked it off. to the right i got smart and put (YES) and (NO) to idiot-proof the response, but most people have circled this part.

so, yari my dear, i feel for you. i am completely in your boat. but not literally, its not a real boat. so dont call me to ask me if i meant i was getting on a boat with you. wink.gifwink.gifwink.gif
Abbie I love your RSVP cards! But since I sun burn easily I don't think I can make it...LOL!

Are you sure it's not a real boat?

Originally Posted by froggie1013 View Post
FI questioned me if people would get confused by our RSVPs. They say "Bags packed and ready to go!" and "Oops, missed the plane." He's worried people won't get it. He's probably right.
Originally Posted by LC_Rachel View Post
haha Yari. I think it's adorable and I thought people must be really retarded. However last night when I snuck on BDW and hubby caught me, I had him look at this thread. He was confused why people would have to bring their own chairs to the wedding and thought maybe the resort didn't offer seating.

Great- I married an idiot. :)

Sorry for not posting last night too- once I got caught, I had to get off before I got grounded. I feel for you girl. I'm sorry for all the extra work.
Rachal you crack me up! You man is not an idiot...apparently just normal. Since the majority of the people do not understand DW humor.

So happy you didn't get grounded...I wondered what happen to you last night!

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We had the same problems. We had our Ceremony and AHR rsvp on one. It read:




______ We’d be delighted to attend

the ceremony in Mexico.


______ Wish we could be there,

but won’t be able to.


______ Will celebrate your return at

the reception in Phoenix July 12


______ Can’t attend, but send our best.



I didn't think it would be that difficult to understand, but we had people marking yes to coming when they weren't really going to Mexico, but were going to the AHR. What did they not understand about "...in Mexico" or "...in Phoenix July 12" ?? One asked "If I'm not going to Mexico then how could I celebrate my return in July?" WTF!!!?? Was this wedding about you or me?


We got one RSVP back with no name, no checks, no numbers?? What did they do just put it in the mail back to us expecting it to be telepathic notice? Maybe it was written in invisible ink? I should check!


Honestly I don't think people read at all just check stuff or they read way too much into it.


I feel for you.

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