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Wedding IPOD review

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Hello Girls!


Here is a little review of a wedding where the IPOD system was used.



They had a small sound system, the person operating the IPOD and the sound system played the songs ask by the bride on her IPOD.




Out side on an open area with a sound system that usually DJ´s use, it was very festive and the person operating the IPOD played a list of songs from the brides IPOD and also (with her aproval) played music he had on his personal IPOD, due to the fact that the bride had on mind to play the same music from the cocktail hour for the dinner so the person operating the IPOD sugested to use his IPOD music for the cocktail which was more festive and appropriate for the moment and the brides IPOD for the dinner.



Dinner, cake cutting, 1st dance

The Dinner and the coktail where right next to each other on the same area, so the sound system didnt need to me moved, the music was slow, it was a nice dinner music, the person operating the IPOD had already located on the IPOD the cake cutting song, first dance, father and daughter etc and he had the wireless microphone available for the speeches.



Party Time,

Here is where everything changed, the bride had the same music used for dinner for the party, so you can imagine, only like 2 older couples danced once in a while most of the guests were waiting for the party time music to dance and have fun but that moment never came, people was bored you could see some people standing up talking to each other the rest of the guests were just on their tables. A lot of the guests went up to the person operating the IPOD and asked him to play another kind of music, old school, rock, pop etc but he just told them he didnt had any(because bride said she had enough music) and that was the music the bride had on her IPOD.



So if you are planning on using your IPOD for your wedding here is my advice:


1.Bring as many music as you can, you may think you have enough but you just never know! keep on downloading all kinds of music!! you may say mmm I dont like this song that much! but when you are having fun and partying people may ask for it, or you could say " I shouldve brought that song" bring all kinds of music, pop, rock, oldies (think of the older people), hip hop, etc


2.Talk to the person in charge of operating your IPOD to give you his advice on the music you have and the hours of music you are bringing for the different parts of your wedding to see if its enough.


3.Talk to him about the music you like and if you would approve him to mix some of your music with his music, in case he feels its appropriate.


4.Also, DO NOT use the same music at any time, dont repeat the cocktail music during dinner! or otherwise, people will notice, and using the same music would keep the same mood which will get people bored!


The sound system was rented to DJ Mijares and he was the one that was operating everything, he did a great job and met with the bride prior to the wedding.


Hope this helps!! smile123.gif

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