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Sacred Heart Diet Anyone?

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Okay!! I started and am up and running on the diet!!!



Evan made the soup for me and added some extra spices to make it tasty, little boullion, cumin, paprika, garlic powder ceyenne pepper and 1.5 jalenpenos. Def livened it up a little.


When I bought my fruits I bought all my favs, tons of berries, mango, apples, watermelon, cantalope. SO hopefully it will get me thru the day. I know i will be really excited for my baked potato tomorrow.


Ok so quick question:

Can I drink milk today or I need to wait until day 4?

Can you use vinegar if you want to have a salad? Obvi no oil.

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YUMMMMYY!! I just ate my baked potato and it was delish! I steamed some spiniach and sauteed some mushrooms with just a little of the soup broth and OMG! It was like an full amazing meal.


I have beel feeling pretty good. I do notice fatique/grouchiness if I do not eat or snack every 3-4 hours. It just comes on really fast, more than normal. I also notice additional BM's (bowel movements). I am usually 2 day, have had 4 in 24 hours.


I def had a hard time eating the soup for breakfast today. So I am excitd for fruit again tomorrow. I do plan on having a touch of skim milk in my coffee tomorrow but I have not had any before that.

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