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Iberostar Quetzal/Tucan

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#151 Jessicalynne

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    Posted 07 January 2013 - 12:46 PM

    Hi Amanda - That's frustrating to hear that they switched it after you already agreed to the prices :( Have you looked at other resorts? I know that each year all of the resorts raise their prices in the packages due to the rise in demand. When I booked everything last August, I noticed a jump in prices just from the year prior. 


    If you do decide to do the Tucan, I can tell you I've heard nothing but wonderful things and Alejandra and Connie have been wonderful. My travel agent did a site visit back in November, met Connie and Alejandra and had nothing but rave reviews on the hotel and the staff. 


    I'm not sure if that eases some concern, but either way, I'm sorry you are running into this! Let me know if I can give you any info that I've collected. :)




    #152 Trace2013

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      Posted 21 January 2013 - 09:09 AM

      hey ladies!

      I'm finally back (and hating being home in the cold). Well, if I can tell you all anything its please please please put your fears to rest about the Tucan/Quetzal. Alejandra is seriously a dream and a true professional to work with, I could not have asked to be treated better!!! So many things to share but just got home yesterday so will update soon :)

      #153 catgirl

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        Posted 23 January 2013 - 07:22 AM

        I have MIA lately.....so much going on.


        Trace - welcome back!!!


        Amanda - thanks for the heads-up on the prices for 2013.  We signed our contract last year and Alejandra sent us the 2012 prices.  I know my Fi is going to fight any additional charges, he was not please when I mentioned this to him.


        Status update on progress:

        • Invites printed and jackets made
        • Invites are being sent out tonight 


        Wow, that is a short list.  I am happy the invites are sorted and almost ready to go.  That is a big milestone for us.

        #154 SamIAm85

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          Posted 23 January 2013 - 03:03 PM

          Hello Ladies,


          We placed our deposit and signed the contract in 2012.  I wrote Alejandra about the 2013 price increase and she said "the prices that you have will still be the same". 


          What a relief!  Hope this makes some of you feel better :)

          #155 catgirl

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            Posted 23 January 2013 - 03:39 PM

            Originally Posted by SamIAm85 

            Hello Ladies,


            We placed our deposit and signed the contract in 2012.  I wrote Alejandra about the 2013 price increase and she said "the prices that you have will still be the same". 


            What a relief!  Hope this makes some of you feel better :)


            Thanks for the info.  I have a few questions for her and will also ask the question.  :)

            #156 Trace2013

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              Posted 24 January 2013 - 12:07 PM

              OK. So I've been trying to add my review for the Quetzal on this site but it won't let me so I've posted in the help forum. But until then, I did put it up on trip adviser so if you'd like to read it there be my guest!


              Beach set up photo for you ladies - (no professional ones yet) Just an FYI. I gave Alejandra zero direction for this set up, and was charged not a penny extra for anything you see here.


              #157 Jessicalynne

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                Posted 24 January 2013 - 08:51 PM

                Beautiful! I can't wait to see the others. Welcome back and congrats!!!!

                #158 Jessicalynne

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                  Posted 27 January 2013 - 10:02 AM

                  Hi ladies,


                  My travel agent was recently in Mexico for a wedding conference and she stopped by the Tucan to snap some pics for me. She had nothing but wonderful things to report back and she said Connie and Alejandra were adorable, wonderful and passionate about their job which means we'll have nothing to worry about as far as the wedding goes :)


                  Below is a link to the pictures. We're hoping to have the reception in the Tropical restaurant, but that's depending on if we have under 120 guests as that's the restaurant's capacity.


                  We also were hoping to have the Welcome Party in the Jungle area, but it has a capacity of 80, so we can't do it there anymore. 


                  Ignore the cheesy captions, haha. I think the Marimba Steakhouse picture isn't labeled right as it is probably the Italian or Mexican one.

                  Hopefully it works - ENJOY! :)



                  #159 Trace2013

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                    Posted 28 January 2013 - 08:06 AM

                    OH MY. I want to go BACK! haha. You girls are going to have the best time! Although, now seeing the views from the suites at the Tucan the Quetzal suites are a bit better as they are literally right at the ocean. And only one bed! (weird) Anyway, here is the video with my pro pics:

                    by Moments the Matter Photography. He is a DREAM! I have written a review for both he and Sara Tamargo on this site.

                    Also, still can't add the Quetzal as a hotel here to add my review but here is the link to it on Trip Advisor:



                    A couple of pics I took of our view from the suite and the Mariachi who were amazing! Also, I noticed that Adventure photo is still plastered all over the photography office, although I didn't see them out taking any pictures at all like you'd normally see at these places. Who knows what is going on there?


                    Jessica, we did our welcome party at the beach bar and we had 95 adults. It was great because they set it up really nice and we got a breeze from the ocean as it was quite muggy and humid at night esp for January. I can only imagine how much hotter it will be in June, it may be super humid and hot in the jungle in the evening? As well, the mosquitoes weren't too bad but we definitely got our fair share of bites. They may be worse in the jungle.


                    The Tropical restaurant is closest to the beach in comparison to the Steakhouse (but not by much!) Both are about the same in terms of decor and size.




                    #160 sandybeach

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                      Posted 04 February 2013 - 08:34 AM

                      Just got back yesturday we absolutly loved it. Alejandra did a great job! Once we checked in we realised we were upgraded (free of charge) to a junior suite. We were on the tucan side and have no complaints. Beautiful ocean view. ( i would post photos but it wont let me). We had a similar setup as trace2013. (with the exception of a turquoise sache along with the white up front) We kind of winged the whole thing, didnt do any rehearsals and it went great.  The flowers turned out beautiful. I gave a vague explanation of what i wanted ( lillies, few roses and anything tropical....tropical colors and no dark red roses)....They were beautiful!.


                      I will try and review some of the resort....


                      This resort is amazing, everyone really enjoyed it. It was big enough that if you go with a group (we were 39) there was enough room to have "alone" time (time away from rest of the group) but small enough that usually by walking around a bit you could find everyone.


                      I have read lots of complaints regarding food....personally we loved the food. There is lots to choose from in the buffets and they do switch up a few items daily. I just made sure to not have a little bit of everything every meal otherwise i guess it would get repetative. I would stick with pastas one day then maybe potatos/rice the other and such.


                      We did do a few of the a la cartes.

                      We went to the mexican and we did not care for it too much however a few others from our group went and loved it. Its hard to review restaurants i find as everyone has different tastes/opinions.

                      We also tried out the steakhouse and the japanese. Both which we really enjoyed. The japanese was tasty and entertaining as they put on a small show while cooking your food.



                      Our room was nice....not extremely fancy or anything but we thought it was perfect (we are simple kind of people and i guess it doesnt take much to impress us haha)

                      It was cleaned daily, our housekeeper did a great job. She refilled our fridge with beers, water and pop everyday (although we had been told it would only get refilled every second day)

                      She also would make us a different animal out of towels everyday.  The night of our wedding we arrived in our room to find it had been cleaned while we were gettign married and she had made 2 swans on the bed out of towels and then decorated the bed the floor and washroom with rose petals.

                      Our one small complaint about the rooms was the shower. It was big and VERY roomy/nice however be aware! the water will occasionally go from really hot (i like my steaming showers) to really cold for a split second then back. But it wasnt SO bad, the first time just caught us by surprise and OUCH!



                      Stuff to do around the resort.

                      I was personally impressed with everything the resort had to offer (keeping in mind this was our first time in an all inclusive, however a couple of my guests did mension that a few other resorts they had been to had a little more stuff but ...still had a good time)


                      A couple of our guests took advantage of the free kayaking, which they enjoyed. A few of us took part in their daily free zumba...SO MUCH FUN! might i add I LOVE MAURICIO, he is one of the star friends and is absolutly adorable/amazing.

                      For anyone artsy or anyone bringing out children they have an area where you can pick a ceramic figurine and paint it. (once you are done painting they touch it up and make is pretty/shiny and looks like you bought it from a store!) This is at an extra charge depending on the size of the item you choose.


                      We attended the discotec a few nights (it was the only place open late night for drinks/ dancing). Everynight we went...it was not busy at all (a couple of the nights our group was the only ones in there) However we still had fun and enjoyed it!

                      Now the theater...

                      Everynight The star friends put on a show (different show every night) at 9:30. This group of folks work sooooo hard, you will see them during the day doing avtivities such as zumba, beach volleyball,bingo, beach soccer and many others then in the evening putting on shows. We really enjoyed the shows (of course some better then others but...all were entertaining) In the theater there are a couple of pool tables as well (need to make reservations to play with the front desk)

                      This was our hangout every evening, we would have some drinks/ mingle and catch the daily show.

                      ALL of the star friends are amazing and extremely friendly. They work soooo hard we were very impressed.



                      I just realised i can keep going and going about how much we loved this resort. so i will stop now haha


                      If anyone has any questions or needs any help that i can maybe help out with feel free to msg me on here or email me at



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