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We got really great quotes for the Grand Palladium Colonial and Bahia Principe Akumal. As much as I wanted to get hitched at Iberostar Tucan, it looks like I'll either be a Palladium or Bahia bride.

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Originally Posted by Kplanta View Post

I am also looking to book at the Iberostar Tucan...but the price I got from my TA has dissapointed me. Do you mind if I ask what your guests are paying for a week including airfair? My quote was over $2000 with taxes incl.
I need something to compare to!

Thanks for any help you can give me!
I got married at Iberostar Tucan in January. We had guests from Vancouver and Ontario(Niagara). But the Guests from Ontario actually flew out of Buffalo, NY and saved a bundle using an American tour company. The reason is that Signature is the only Canadian company to offer the Tucan, so basically they charge what they want. they would have paid around $2000 per person to fly out of Toronto. but instead i think it was something like $1500 for Buffalo, NY. keep in mind that US airports don't have the outrageous Airport fees like Canada does, so you save $263 right off the bat.
I was shocked at the prices and called many TAs for a better price.. but it just didn't get much lower.

However, for anyone thinking about Iberostar Tucan, I'll take this opportunity to chime in a little... My wife and I Loved the resort, and location and everything. But most of all, the Wedding coordinator, Gabriella, and her team were Outstanding!! Everything was taken care of and went as smooth as possible. Now, of course i don't know what else to compare this to, but I really felt that the wedding day was the most relaxing day of the trip. start to finish, everything was spectacular.

Yes the resort does cost a bit more, but it's worth it for a wedding.
Good for kids, with the jungle animals and huge pool.
These is only 1 resort to the south of the Tucan, and then Open beach.. which makes for less traffic on the Tucan Beach.
Food was great, Great location in Playacar community.
A+ staff!

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Thanks for the info!

The good thing is that Signiature has just merged with Sunwing, so I am hoping for cheaper prices at the Tucan soon...

Which tour company in Buffalo did your Ontario guests use? How does that work? You just arrange everything over the phone? Or would the guests actually have to go to buffalo to make the reservations?



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Hey Ladies,

 I know this thread has not been used in a while but I would love to get it up and going again!

  I am getting married at the Tucan/Quetzal on June 5, 2011! I would love to hear from any other brides getting married or who have gotten married here!! I know that some of thier prices and policies have changed since this thread was last used!

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I figured I should move our conversation to this thread.


Music is my main project right now too.  I am having a hard time trying to decide on songs.  I wonder how long it takes to walk down the "aisle".  I would hate to have the songs last too long.  What would you do, edit the songs to make them shorter, or wait for them to finish?  I thought about "Somewhere over the Rainbow" for the wedding party ( We only have 4 in our wedding party).  I am trying to decide on what to walk down the aisle to.  I really like "Just the way you are" by Bruno Mars, but I didn't know if it is too upbeat.  Also thought about "Marry Me" by Train.  Possibilities for our first dance are Ray Lamontagne, "Hold you in my arms" and another one by him, "You are the best thing" also "This I promise you", by Ronan Keating.


We are just renting the equipment for our cocktail party.  Gabriela said it would cost us $600 to have a DJ, so I figured $80 for renting the equipment was a lot better.  We are having a mariachi band for part of it, then Ipod for the rest.  Then probably head to the disco afterwards.  I have not even started looking at dance music for the party yet!

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Music is such a big project!!

 We decided to have a guitar player for the ceremony. Im going to ask gabriella if I can request songs or if he just plays. either way, I think that the simplicity of only a guitar player is going to be beautiful. I love somewhere over the rainbow and I really really love train!! As far asw Bruno Mars, I think its cute and very individual! pick songs that make you happy! I dont think anything can be too upbeat, just amke sure you can dance to it. I think thats a great song.

 Gabriella told me that a dj and renting the equipment is the same price (80 USD/ hr). I guess maybe 600 would be the total for your whole day, but she never told me that. So I think we are going to use our ihome speakers for the dinner and cake cutting and all that and let my sister manage it, and then have the dj for the last two hours of our reception. ( the dancing fun part). I know that sounds wierd but i dont want to pay 80 dollars an hour for quiet background music. Im also using my ihome speakers for the welcome cocktail party.

 Im maybe half way done with designing my playlist so as soon as im done i can post it for you!

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I do have the cocktail party playlist done. this is for the day everyone gets there and Im just going to use the little speakers Im bringing with me!


1.Aint Nothing bout you- Brooks & Dunn

2.Coastal - Kenny Chesney

3. If your wondering if I want you to- Weezer

4. Two Piña Coladas- Garth Brooks

5.I want you to want me- Cheap Tricks

6.Banana Pancakes- Jack Johnson

7. Toes- Zac Brwn Band

8. What I got- Sublime

9. The life- Sublime

10. 1983- Neon Trees

11. The Life- Kenny Chesney (he actually says Playa del Carmen in the song! lol)

12. Why dont we just dance- Josh Turner

13. I got you- Train 

14. Corona And Lime- Shwayze

15. You and Tequila- Kenny Chesney

16. Lay me Down- Dirty Heads

17. Where the boat leaves from- Zac Brown Band

18. Senorita- Justin Timberlake

19. Opposite of Adults- Chiddy Bang

20. Whatever it is- Zac Brown Band



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I love your playlist for the cocktail party!!


We won't have music during dinner because we are not having a private reception.  I am not sure if we could do a song when we cut our cake.  I will have to ask Gabriela.


We decided to do our cocktail party after dinner.  We will have a mariachi band for 45 minutes of our cocktail party, and we plan on using our Ipod for the rest.  I am not sure how to transition it.  I figured we will play our first dance song first, and then the mariachi band.  I want the photographer to get pics of our first dance before they leave.  Then dance music from the Ipod for the rest.  Gabriela said it would be $80 to rent the speakers for 2 hours, or $600 to have a dj and dance floor at the cocktail party.  I figured it would be best to save the money and just rent the speakers.  I bet since you went with the upgraded package, you woudlnt have to pay as much for the dj.  I thought $600 was a little steep.


We are not doing a rehersal dinner or anything.  I figured we would do a welcome dinner at one of the buffet restaurants the night before the wedding.  We have people coming in on different days, so we thought the night before would be the best day.  But I am telling people that they can come if they want, or not.  I want people to know that it is their vacation too and I don't want them to feel like they have to spend it all with us.  We are planning a group excursion to the Coba Ruins and then snorkeling at Gran Cenote a couple days after the wedding if they want to come with us.


We have been trying to contact Adventure Photos about doing a wedding video for us, and I can't get them to email me back.  I have been trying for a couple weeks now.  Have you had any trouble contacting them?

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thank you!! I tried to pick songs that everyone would like and would just be fun background music.

 We are only doing the cocktail party on our first night because it was part of our package. it will be a fun way to get everyone together. We arent having a rehersal dinner or anything because we arent doing a bridal party. Instead of that we want to do a catamaran trip the day before the wedding. I want people to have thier own vacation but who wouldnt want to go out for a catamaran cruise! lol.

Oh the dance floor must be what makes it so much! hadnt thought about that! $600 is a lot...


 I havent had any trouble at all getting in touch with the photographer. here is all his contact info. hes been emailing me back pretty reguarly about things and I think Im going to go ahead and reserve them this week. the best thing about them is that I dont have to pay anything until I get there.


Jorge Contreras | Adventure Photos |  Vallarta Adventures | 
jcontreras@vallarta-adventures.com | www.vallarta-adventures.com |
www.adventureweddingsphoto.com   and thier pictures look SOOOO much better than the photoshop at the hotel!  


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