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CELLULITE...anyone actually been able to get rid of it?

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Originally Posted by Ana View Post
lol deal! it will be fun cheesy.gif maybe if you start doing some running during the summer we can run together in the fall too...it will be fun if we can talk during it too..and we can find some really fun classes to go to like spin or pilates etc.. I'm actually even considering calling my old personal trainer to see what his rates are now. He was awesome before and really kept me motivated. If you're interested he might even want to do like a discounted rate if he's training two of us at once :) cheer2.gif

ugh i just want to move now cry.gif i don't want to wait another 3 months.
Totally IN!! for the personal training...hook it upcheesy.gif I know I wish you were moving now 2

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I am glad I cam across this thread! I work out with a personal trainer. He does womens and mens classes out of his home gym. He is wonderful!!! And of course cellulite runs in my family! =) anyways the trainer has this new machine and its a vibration machine (sounds weird). And no its not like the 80's fat shaker machine. On the new and improved machine it helps push blood through your fat pockets decreasing the bumps on your legs! You can also do squats on the machine. I have only been doing it for a little over a week but I think I see a difference. He let me read an article on it and it seemed to be convincing!! (When i told the girls at work they laughed and said he is a pervert but its not like that at all!) =)

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