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Surprise Vacation Proposal

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I came home from work one Friday, to find my FH reading a book, seeming very relaxed. Out of the blue he says "pack your bags for one week, warm weather, bring a swim suit". I am shocked and think he's joking, so I just stand there staring at him. Finally he shows me his bags and it hits me that this is no joke. Some very quick packing and twenty minutes later we are on the way to a hotel near the airport. The next morning we are on a flight to Mexico! It was very near Christmas, so he was trying to play the trip off as a Christmas getaway, but the many many locks on his backpack tipped me off that something was up (his backpack was converted into a mini-fortress to protect the ring). Three days into the trip, after much relaxing on the beach and spending the day hiking around Chichen-Itza, he proposed at the resort. Of course I said yes :)

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