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Our money merge plans

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    Posted 12 June 2008 - 03:25 PM

    Great idea Morgan! I will definitely be suggesting your plan.

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      Posted 12 June 2008 - 03:41 PM

      Originally Posted by SunBride
      we just have a joint account and we don't each have our own "spending money" budget. Sometimes my FH thinks we should, because I get on his case about eating out a lot and buying expensive computer games. In reality, I spent more than him but it's on house stuff and things like that that aren't only for me. I rarely spend money on fun stuff just for myself (except for clothes, and even then, I spend about as much on my clothes as I spend buying his - he hates to shop so I buy all his).

      I personally don't like the idea of having each our own "do whatever you want" budget. I'd rather work on a case by case basis. When we do small purchases we don't check with eachother, but when we do large ones (like over 100$) then we might run it by the other person first to see if they think it's a good idea.

      Although my husband says he wants his own spending budget so that I'm not "checking up" on his spending, I remind him that it would have taken him a while to save up for his 1500$ computer or the 600$ he spent on the Wii and accesorries. I personally think this works better because we don't save up for special purchases, as long as we both agree it's worthwhile we just get it right away. Then again, we have more money than we need for our current lifestyle (just dumping it all on the mortgage). If you are on a really tight budget then I can see how each person having an individual personally spending fund would be good.

      Sounds like we have a similar situation. Mike likes to buy computer games & computer stuff. I buy clothes & house things. I do feel like even though the house stuff is for both of us, he would be just as happy without it so it's really for me. I personally wouldn't spend the same amount on computer games, but he would also not spend what I do on clothes. He'd be happy wearing the same clothes he has from high school. I don't think we'll ever have the same values for what we'd want to spend fun money on so I don't want to have to try to make us see eye to eye on that. We probably spend about the same amount of fun money but in such a different way.

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        Posted 12 June 2008 - 04:32 PM

        Originally Posted by Hartyt509
        Thanks lol it wasn't meant as a "you shouldn't do it" but I just think you need to take a really pragmatic view if not a self preservation one. I never for one minute thought the man I married would end up screwing me for 1000s its just food for thought to keep a little reserve so that you don't end up not being able to eat like I did - and that really isn't an exageration lol
        You make an excellent point...putting all your eggs in one basket can turn out to be a horrible decision if things don't go according to plan :)

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