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Amy’s LONG Planning post *Mucho Pics*

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Originally Posted by Kryztan View Post
Everything looks fabulous....I have questions!
Who did your bd pics, they are soooo great! Also where did you get your oot bags?
I love the orchid strings, how did your DIY? Thanks for sharing everything is great!
To answer your quesitons....
the BD photog took some amazing pictures, but honestly I don't want to reccomend her because I didn't agree with the way she ran her business and suprised me later with the cost of the pictures. She also never wanted me to post on here that she did BD pics because she predominantly does senior and family portraits.

The orchid strings were talked about here:

The OOT bags I got at Joanne Fabrics in July of last year. I found them on after summer clearance for 70% off. They were originally 12.99 and I paid less than 4.00 each. They are super sturdy and fully lined in fabric. I would highly suggest asking your local Joanne's when their after summer clearance starts since I've remembered seeing these same bags every year around this time.

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I've been waiting for your planning thread missy! Everything looks perfect Amy. You and Andy are going to have one fabulous wedding! YAY, so excited for you guys! cheer2.gif

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