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ROR Photographer's Policy Change

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Very important to know for upcoming ROR brides...My wedding is coming up next month at ROR and I guess I received the standard email from Michael (resort photographer) concerning his photography services. Michael/Photoshop is NO LONGER ACCEPTING CREDIT CARDS!!! I just want everyone to know this as you are making your plans. See the excerpt below from the email and the updated price list with the same info.


Part of email from Michael:

Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage. We take pride in our work as photographers and videographers to capture unforgettable moments in exceptional surroundings of your dream wedding and honeymoon.


(deleted some of the middle text)

  • Please also take into consideration that the time included in the wedding package purchased by the hotel starts at the time given on the papers by the weding department. Any delays in appearance will be charged as extra hours if requested.
  • Due to a very close timetable with the weddings at the Property, some extensions might not be possible if not arranged earlier ( we just simply need to do the next wedding then,otherwise we would get a second photographer to stay with you)
  • The prices in the pricelist (always valid for 1 year) are cash prices - credit cards are no longer accepted to increased number of credit card fraud, illegal chargebacks and merchant fees. We apologize the inconvenience.





Pricelist - UPDATED June 2008.doc


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wow, what a great info package though! I wish my resort offered detailed information like that. I had no idea how much it would cost for extra hours, only how much it would cost for extra prints. This information is so detailed! Super helpful for making an informed decision.

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