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Serious question about breast cancer

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Originally Posted by KGOESER View Post
Though things like this are most often benign, as the other have said, I'm sure that they are more concerned due to the fact that she does have a history of another tumor. Your friend (and you too!) are in my thoughts. How old is she? I am a pharmacist in an oncology clinic and it is so amazing to me the number of young women that we see in the clinic for chemo.
I know it is UNREAL how many young girls are more at risk these days. She is only 27. I call her my "lil baby" cuz shes the youngest of my friends. She doesnt tan, or anything like that either. The first time they found the tumor, it ws sdue to a mole she wanted removed "just because", they sent it away and here it was cancer. Thank GOD she wanted it removed. I also have a friend who is now 31, who had her breast removed when she was 30. It runs chills up my arms.

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Originally Posted by sassybride View Post
I was really curious so did a little search and this is what I found:

"You need to be seen by a breast surgeon/specialist. The bleeding may represent an intraductal papilloma, a cancer, or just fibrocystic changes. You will need a mammogram and possibly an intraductal dye injection. The observation that the blood is coming from just one duct is against fibrocystic change and is associated about 9 times out of 10 with a benign intraductal papilloma and about one time out of 10 with an intraductal carcinoma. Be sure to have it checked out. The odds are way in favor of being a benign process but even with the small chance of malignancy, if treated early it is entirely curable"

I hope your friend is ok, Keep us updated!

I will be keeping her in my thoughts
Well, just so happens I had an info session and consult with a breast surgeon this morning. Sassybride basically just reiterated exactly what I was told this morning in the group info session that this surgeon does with all her patients. She also mentioned that blood discharge can be related to skin coniditions like cracked nipple. It's best she goes to see the doctor. Catching things early and paying attention to changes in your breasts is key.

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