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Carly's Beaches Boscobel review

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Ok, so I suck at taking notes and stuff and am really busy at work since it's the fiscal year close. I wrote a review on Trip Advisor, so for now, I am just going to copy and paste it here. I will try to answer any questions anyone has and elaborate where I can.


The quick summary is that I would've chosen a different resort if having our neices and nephew there wasn't so very important to us. I was not happy with the communication with the resort from the beginning. Once we were there, we also had a few problems which can be traced back to this lack of communication that we had already experienced. (For instance, all the of congratulatory gifts (ie. champange, towels sculptures, etc.) were sent to the wrong room for the first 3 days. It was his cousins' room, so they had the same last name. But Matt went to them when it first happened and it took them 3 days to fix it.) The only other complaint would be the size of the beach, but really, they can't do anything about that...


So here is my review from Trip Advisor.

Ocho Rios: Beaches Boscobel Resort & Golf Club - Traveler Reviews - Beaches Boscobel wedding review - TripAdvisor


I was married at Beaches Boscobel on May 17, 2008. The resort was nice, the people were super nice, but the coordination between the WC pre-resort was lacking. There was alot of information that she had incorrect, or gave me misinformation on, or didn't pass along to the on-site coordinator. Even with the issues, the wedding went smoothly. There were various other wedding-related issues along the way (the front desk was sending all wedding gifts (champagne, towel shaped, rose petals) to my husband's cousins room), that took like 3-4 days for them to correct, which was annoying. Regarding the wedding, I wouldn't get advise to get married at Beaches unless having children there are very important to you. They were to us, so we made that choice and I wouldn't change that part of it. I just wish Beaches was more together.


Oh, and I def recommend the steel-pan player for during the ceremony! He was great. We also did a sand ceremony, which my guests really liked. They thought it added something special to the ceremony. Transporting the sand home was another story though, it didn't stay separate at all. But I guess that might be kinda the point too.


One other thing, the minister rolled up the marriage certificate and handed it to my husband right after the ceremony while our guests were congratulating us and now we can't find it. I don't know why they would hand it over right in the middle of everything like that, so if you can ask the WC to maybe hold yours until the next day, that would be a better idea. We now might not get ours for 12-14 weeks or something like that.


Regarding the resort, I have absolutely no complaints there. Everyone was so accommodating and they knew our names, which was nice.


Food -

Bayside (buffett) - We ate breakfast and lunch there almost daily. Nothing to rave about, but also nothing to complain about. There was a few times that we had dinner there and it was incredible! There was only one day at dinner and another day at lunch were there wasn't really anything I wanted to eat. They also open late night for after-bar cravings and their hot dogs taste great at 2am!


The Venetian was good both time we ate there. Once with a large party of 15+ and once with just 4 people. My husband got the lamp and said it was phenomenal. I ate salmon once and beef tendorloins once, both good.


The Arizona was really good as well. I recommend the marlin filet with corn ginger topping. Delish! There wasn't really any lunch options that were interesting, but the club sandwich was ok. It was also pretty cool to eat on the gazebo over the water, but the birds are pretty daring and practically chased us outta there like the Alfred Hitchcock movie "Birds".


The other place we ate was Eleanor's, and that was really good as well. Also, nice to sit out on the deck for dinner at sunset. (No children allowed in this restaurant)


Nightlife -

Appleton Bar until 10 - We only stopped by there one night to meet up with friends that we had met there, but it was kinda dead. I don't know what it is normally like, since we were there for 10 days and only tried this place once. Perhaps we caught it on an off night.


Bayside Bar until 12 - This is were we spent most of our time, I would say. They had SportsCenter on practically 24/7, and since there were quite a few important games going on here, my husband was interested in keeping tabs.


The Disco until 2 - I wouldn't recommend the Disco at all. We went one night and it was pretty gross. It smelled really bad in there.


The Piano Bar until 2 - The Piano Bar was nice, but rarely was anyone playing the piano. Not that that mattered cuz the best part for us was Godfrey the bartender. He is a more handsome not -dorky version of Carlton from The Fresh Prince. He was a very sarcastic and entertaining person to hang out with while there. He was my husbands favorite, since he had a handful of bar tricks that he did for us. I also heard that Marcelus was a great entertainer as well, but we never got the chance to check him out. This was our favorite place to go.


The only other complaint is how tiny the beach is. There were no long romantic walks on the beach for us, since it wasn't long enough.


Oh, and the "floating pharmacy", as we began to call it. Those are the guys that sit on rafts selling seashells, starfish, necklaces, etc, as well as any drug that you are interested in. At first I was highly annoyed that they were there and so persistant, but they only care about "fresh meat". Once you have been on the resort for about 2 days, if you haven't bought anything from them or chatted them up, they will leave you alone. And then you are even able to talk to them without them trying to sell you anything, which was nice.


Steel Pan Player for Ceremony

Click the image to open in full size.


Wedding Party from the ocean view

Click the image to open in full size.


Wedding Party

Click the image to open in full size.


Sand Ceremony

Click the image to open in full size.


Location of Reception (during the day)

Click the image to open in full size.


Reception Pic

Click the image to open in full size.


Godfrey - bartendar in the Piano Bar

Click the image to open in full size.


Me, Matt and Godfrey

Click the image to open in full size.

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good review :) cant wait for OUR real one, cause BDW is special and we want all the real dirt :)

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