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My PB Sunset Beach Wedding Site Review

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Salons: Okay so I went and actually checked out both Suzanne Morel and Mexsun let me just say finding them both was fun for my fiance and me ha! I guess I had pictured something different, but I was not really impressed with either. I reminded myself I was in Mexico though.


Suzanne Morel-I like that they have the option to renting out a villa at Pedegral to have your own private spa party for your bridesmaids, but I do not like the idea of me giving them my credit card or one credit card to pay for everything, including other people's services. They are very professional though and aim to please. She also said they can have food and drink for my girls.


Mexsun-Kelli is very very laid back. I like that everyone can pay the day of and she doesn't ask for my credit card to pay for everything. She just wants payment for my services to reserve Octavio. We can also have food and drink provided. Mexsun is less expensive than Suzanne Morel but it is in San Jose, so it is at least 60-100 USD plus each way for a cab from PB Sunset beach.


Mi Casa-As soon as we entered the front door we knew this was the place for the welcome/rehearsal dinner. It has great food and margaritas, and the ambiance is perfect! Plus, you can get really crazy and dance on tables if you want. It does get very crowded though, but we found two connected rooms that are kind of set apart from the other areas to use. They are also flexible with the group menu if you want to make some changes.


We didn't even go to Panchos or Los Deseos because after talking to several locals it wasn't the type of place we were looking for.


Laura Ortiz WC at PB Sunset Beach=Fabulous she has just been outstanding for us!


PB Sunset Beach Resort My favorite in all of Cabo just breathtaking!

Tastings: Jeff and I tasted each appetizer, two different salads, 2 entrees, and 4 cakes. The food and Ignacio were fantastic, I was pleasantly surprised just how good everything was.


Flamenco Guitarist: Adan Mijarress Very professional, arrived on time to meet us, and friendly


DJ Francisco "Paco" Davilla Very professional, arrived on time to meet us, and friendly


Damiana in San Jose Del Cabo a very romantic restaurante with excellent food, service, and margaritas


Villa Serena restaurante beautiful views, good service, great food, and you should def. order the Mexican coffee it is a wonderful show they put on for you


Squid Roe-A crazy but fun place~ I recommend not going on a Friday or Saturday unless you want it to take 20 minutes plus to make it to the bathroom due to it being so CROWDED. This is a very fun place to people watch though.


La Tratorria- Across from Squid Roe surprisingly wonderful Italian food especially pizza that is thin NY style if you get tired of Mexican


Okay hopefully this helps!


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Great review! Although I won't be getting married in Mexico...I will be honeymooning at PB Sunset Beach. I copied down your fav restaurants so that we can check those out! I am also glad that you loved the hotel as we booked sight unseen! Good luck with your decisions and thanks again for the tips!

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Thanks WSUgal! Hilton Head is a beautiful choice too, my FI loves that place for the golf. You will LOVE PB Sunset Beach I think it is the BEST resort Cabo has to offer. Yes do check out those rest. they are FAB!

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