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Pics from my hair and make-up trial today!

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Fantastic! You are SO fortunate to have someone joining you on your big day to ensure you are in perfect picture condition ALL DAY LONG!


*so jealous*


You look amazing!

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Originally Posted by ErinB View Post
I love it Amy! You are going to look so beautiful on your big day!! You really did luck out being able to bring your own stylist!
I really did! Betty did my make-up for a wedding I was attending 2 years ago (one of my MOH's) and in conversation, I mentioned that Hans and I were considering getting married in PV. She offered to be come along, foward 2 years later, she kept her word even though Hans and I were not sure if we could afford the expense. It was a splurge, but hey, its my wedding!

Originally Posted by IslamoradaBride View Post
You look gorgeous! I love it-- have stylist, will travel.
She's open to travel if anyone is interested wink.gif

Originally Posted by starchild View Post
Wow, you look amazing! Nice to not have to worry about that stuff on your wedding day because you know it will come out great!
Yes, it is the ONE thing I am NOT worried about!

Originally Posted by kevsgirl View Post
I LOVE your hair! It's just gone into my inspiration file cheer2.gif Congrats on getting such a great deal and peace of mind in the process!
Aww, thanks!

Originally Posted by 2bebridejamaica View Post
OMG.... perfect is all I can say! Now if I only had that much hair I would be snapping up that style!..

Oh, I have a TON of hair! I was actually ready to cut some off in case she couldn't do an up-do. I didn't want anything big, but Betty worked her magic and was able to "hide" my hair by tying a portion of it in a knot and covered it with the rest. I cannot believe she was able to hide it!

Originally Posted by Christine View Post
Amy you look amazing! You are getting so close to your big day, I am so incredibly excited for you...the veil looks perfect by the way!
Thanks Christine! I am so ready for the day to get here! Forget the programs, fan tags, menus... I have my stylist, my dress, my veil and MY MAN.. I'm ready for PV! And yes, I LOVED my veil! No second thoughts now!

Originally Posted by Leia78 View Post
I love your hair Amy...I like how it's in a loose updo but not messy. I also love your eye make up. Your soooooooo pretty!!!!
thanks you! I may actually change my make-up that day and do more of a "sun-kissed" look, but I really love the way she did my eyes.

Originally Posted by Maura View Post
amy, i totally love it! you look great! (only suggestion is that you go back to edit your post and hit return after each photo - on my mac it auto bumps each photo to a new line but on my pc, it has them all next to each other on one line so i have to scroll really far right to see all the pics and i know some people have computer issues with that)

how awesome you are flying this girl in to do your hair. what a relief it must be to know how it's gonna look in advance. i'm just winging it with no trial with the salon outcall service i hired and ill be honest that im a bit nervous!
opps, sorry! I have a widescreen so I didn't even realize it!

You can fly Betty in :)

Originally Posted by amy&andy08 View Post
Beautiful Amy! Just gorgeous...I love the blonde in your hair now...it's so warm!
THank you! The same MOH/cousin who is friends with Betty is also a stylist and she does my color and cut! I am soooo lucky!

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