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Originally Posted by msam007562 View Post
Hey now, I sent my thoughts even as the inevitable debacle happened...but no one took my offer for Walton and Vlad Rad for a pair of socks. lol.

I meant to send my thoughts earlier today but I'm actually about 7 hours away from hopping on a plane for a site visit near Playa del Carmen. So as you can imagine, I've been frantically packing and now sitting at work as my much deserved vacation nears...

Also, I thought it better to let my rage and disappointment subside at least for 24 hours or I'd have to lay down an obscenity laden post. hahah smile117.gif


Now on to the good stuff.....while I had high hopes that the Lakers would take the title this year, I think most L.A. fans could see from the first 3 games that it was going to be a tough task. Bottom line, it was a rough matchup ~ but honestly, the way the Celts played in the series, I think they coulda beatin any team in the league in the final round. They were absolutely phenomenal in every facet of the game.

And while there were serious doubts after the first 3 games, even despite the Game 3 win, the Game 4 choke job pretty much laid the groundwork for the inevitable. I wasn't even convinced after Game 5, it was pride and the "not in our house" mentality that drove that win not necessarily what it should have been - let's make history and turn this series around.

Bottom line, the Lakers got outplayed, outcoached and weren't willing to match Boston's intensity, especially on the defensive end. Having watched every one of the Lakers' games this season, a lack of consistency on defense has been their main problem. And, more than ever I echo Kobe's post game sentiments when he says the team needs to put more focus on defense next season. Halle-freaking-lujiah ~ finally these fools wake the #?*% up on that issue. Case in point, Gary Payton's exiting comments years back "we never practiced pick-and-roll defense the entire time I was there". Excuse me? WTF? How do you even coach a team without practicing defensive schemes, especially in reference to your achilles heel ~ guarding the pick and roll? Does the sports mantra "defense wins championships" ring a bell PJ?

Anyhow, the Lakers also need to man up, grow some balls and are in desperate need of a small forward who can bang with the best of them. An Artest type, Posey is also a free agent next season. They need someone who's specialty is defense BUT one who can also score some points when needed. Because I'm sorry, Luke needs to reacquaint himself with the game that he had in season's past, and Vlad needs to get dropped off in the mountains to go snowboarding again without a return flight back to L.A.

As for the Lamar, *sigh* the great tease, a walking mismatch against any team but a man who never plays to his true potential. I don't even know the answer, there are times where he leaves fans in awe but there are so many other games where you're left wondering WTF, is he even trying, does he even realize he's playing professional basketball?

Gasol was a great pickup for the team, but he's obviously more of a finesse player that is outta position in the 5 spot. You can't rely on him to bang in the middle with power, it's just not his game. But when Bynum comes back next year, hopefully healthy, he will be more comfortable at the 4. But he does need to toughen up and not be so soft going to the rack, or Duncan, and Amare will continue to give him nightmares all season long.

Now onto my favorite player in the league, Mr. Bean. He was so deserving of the MVP, I'm so glad it was his year. But I'm sure the ultra competitor that he is, wishes he could trade in that trophy for the gold ball the Celts hoisted Tuesday night. While he had a non-MVP like series, its amazing to me that everyone praises Pierce's production, and rightly so, but lambaste Kobe when he actually had a higher scoring average in the series. Granted, his shooting percentage dropped dramatically compared to the previous series, but given the fact he was always doubled, sometimes triple teamed, he still managed to produce. And HELLO, the dude does have a torn ligament on his finger that needs surgery - everyone just seems to forget that. Probably because he's done what no other player could probably do, ball his ass off despite needing surgery on their hand.

Now, I'm sure it's not a series Kobe would like to remember, but the problem was that his teammates did not pick up the slack. Three or 4 guys on Kobe means that there are several open teammates, but they didn't make their shots. But also give props to the Celts help defense, because they rotated magically throughout each game. Anyhow, I think it's unfair to crucify Bryant completely, but he does deserve some blame because he is their floor leader. Right now he shouldn't be compared to MJ. But remember, MJ had similar problems against the Pistons in the playoffs for 2 consecutive years I believe, and then it happened - the dude rattled off championship after championship. Let's just say, Kobe and the Lakers on paper have a great future ahead of them, and I wouldn't be surprised if a Lakers Celts finals happens again next season.

And lastly, a much deserve congrats to all the Celtic fans and the players and organization of course. thewave.gif

My FI said it best when he said the Lakers have 1 player hungry for a championship, the Celtics have 3 players starving for one. The trio came through all year long, they created the biggest turnaround for a team in 2 consecutive seasons. Manhandled every challenge they faced and when it meant the most they produced one of the most dominating series clinching games in NBA history. It was a complete game on both ends, and it was a joy to see perennial all-stars and classy veterans like KG, Ray and Pierce finally get a ring, and let me not forget PJ Brown who's contributions were significant throughout the playoff run. I've loved KG throughout his career, Ray is one of the deadliest shooters in the league's history and Pierce proved to the world that he's more than just an all-star, he's one of the most premiere players in the league. Let me not forget, it was great seeing Doc get a ring also. Watching him on the sidelines and hearing him coach throughout the games is such a vast difference to the laisse faire attitude to which the Zen Master works. It was refreshing!

Anyhow, that's my NBA Finals wrap up. Sorry for the long rant, there was lots to talk about. And damn, I already can't wait for next season!! Despite my harsh criticism of the Lakers, I will of course like every year be ready and excited to watch every single game like I have been since I was knee-high. pinkie.gif This was def. a great NBA year and I think the league got a huge pick-me-up from the great play this season produced, despite the Donaghy allegations.

So what's nexthuh.gif Team USA basketball in the summer olympics and damn it, CP3 better be on the roster. And of course, there's the long stretch of summer MLB. Woo hoo ~ Angels fan here!!! And then, it's college football baby!!! And guess, what you've got a USC alum who's obsessed with the game ~ Fight on!!!
You sure know your crap, I'm impressed! What do you think of the Sonics moving to OKC?

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