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Photoragher - Are We Crazy?

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#11 Sherry

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    Posted 08 June 2008 - 12:16 PM

    I think it totally depends on how important the pictures are to you. If pictures are really high on your priority list, you should probably think about getting a pro. When my FI and I were working out our budget, we cut down on some other things to allow more for a really good photographer and videographer. We figured that aside from being married (obviously the most important thing), the only tangible thing you have to really look back on that day are the pictures, so we wanted to make sure they were good. We were also really paranoid about this particular issue, because a few of our friends had compromised on the photographer, and now admit that they really regret it. My FI's sister and her husband actually ended up getting all of their wedding photos redone about 3 months after the wedding, because they had gotten a friend who was a "great" amateur photographer (who'd never before done a wedding) as their wedding photographer, and my FI's sister was in tears when they got the pictures back. Hearing that was enough for me to allot a good portion of our budget to the photographer and videographer. That said, the pics are really, really important to me and my FI. If they're lower on your list of priorities, then it's different. I'm sure you'll make the decision that's right for you!

    #12 rodent


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      Posted 08 June 2008 - 12:18 PM

      my mom still talks about how she regrets having a friend take their wedding pictures. he got drunk & took pictures of the ladies only.

      #13 Dbld78

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        Posted 08 June 2008 - 01:10 PM

        I answer your question.... YES I think your crazy!!! But again this is your decision... I'm might be a little bias because I am a professional photographer but I also speak from experience.

        ANYONE I've known that I has tried to go cheap out on the photography has ALWAYS regretted it. Think about it this way... this is the ONLY physical thing that you get to take away with you as a permanent memory of your wedding. You don't want to look back on your wedding pictures and wished that you would have spent the money.

        Shooting a wedding is no cake walk either. Granted shooting a destination wedding is not as tough as a traditional wedding but there are still things that you NEED to know. Lighting, Posing, PROPER EXPOSURE, and knowing how to work their flash... which isn't a simple as you would think!!! And MANY other things they don't teach in High School Photography Class. While he might be a natural at capturing the moment he may not know all the technicals as well as shot list that come along with the professional wedding photographer.

        To give you an idea... I have been working in the photography industry for about 13 years and spent 5 years in college studying the trade. It is an ever evolving craft and you are always learning. I have spent 9 of those years working with other, very well established wedding photographers and still think that I could learn more...

        This is totally your decision but I have attached a link to a photographers blog that has a great explanation for a professional photography.

        Why are Professional Photographers so expensive?

        With all this being said... it's your decision and you'll have this pictures forever so make the decision based on what you want and not what you want to spend...

        #14 Opice34

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          Posted 08 June 2008 - 01:28 PM

          Originally Posted by Morgan
          my mom still talks about how she regrets having a friend take their wedding pictures. he got drunk & took pictures of the ladies only.

          OMG - that is so terribly sad and hilarious at the same time. I feel horrible for your mom, but that is kind of funny!

          Like others said - it really does depend on how important photography is to you and I agree that it is the only tangible memory you'll have from your wedding. (That's why we alotted more in our budget for photography and cut back in other areas.) I think the kid will get some great shots, and if you are okay not having hundreds of great shots, then I think you'll be fine. But if he just keeps clicking away, he's bound to get some good ones.

          Make sure he knows what a responsibility this is. Honestly, as much as I love photography, I would never do weddings. It's just too much pressure. I was a wreck when I shot my friend's weddings because I was just so terrified that I'd screw up, or break the camera, or drop it in the toilet or something (I have a tendency to be quite clumsy). I swear I almost got an ulcer. I shoot friend's baby's pics sometimes, but those can be redone! The stress of shooting a wedding is that it is a once in a lifetime moment and it freaks me out! And that's why I'm paying a lot for a photographer.

          But again - it just depends on how important it is to you. You'll get some great shots, I think, but you just may not get TONS of great shots...

          Oh - and I have a friend who started photography classes in high school and now does it professionally. She was phenomenal then and she's phenomenal now. Even in high school her work was nationally published in ads and magazines. So it is possible to find a young pup who is incredibly talented. But everyone gets better with practice!

          Let us know what you decide!

          #15 Nic Dragomire

          Nic Dragomire
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            Posted 08 June 2008 - 01:52 PM

            Originally Posted by jkcz0702
            We have been looking at a lot of photographers and the work is amazing but of course with good work is a high price. So we were at a friends house and her son has taken photography classes throughout highschool he actually does really good work. Are we crazy for using him to do our photos for the wedding. Then we would higher someone to do our TTD since we want to do it in a Cenote. He never photographed a wedding so this would be his first. So I asked him to get his friends together since they just had prom and do some shots and we will then make our decision.
            no, you're not crazy if you are looking to save money and don't have ANY expectations for what he delivers.

            yes, you're crazy if you expect anything worth hanging on a wall or placing in a photo album. Its one thing to have all the time in the world to create an image or a body of work for a class, but when time it of the essence and its only happening once and you HAVE to capture it that instant and get it right... its hard to do. Then add in all the pressure of the day..

            like many other girls have said, its your choice. Being a photog, I know what it takes so of course Im biased. Other things to think about: does he have a back up camera, back up lenses, back up flashes, back up memory cards? Does he know where to be and what to do for every part of the day?

            just some food for thought...

            #16 wclark5179

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              Posted 09 June 2008 - 07:50 AM

              There will be a few challenges of using a friend or relative to photograph your wedding. One is the fact that this person may spend, rightly so, a lot of time mingling with s/he's family and friends, missing important scenes taking place at your wedding. I believe it is best to have someone who is not related to you, a friend or any other guest relied on to create your wedding story with still photography.

              I believe the equipment isn't an issue at all; why, most weddings I get hired, someone shows up with the newest camera, lens or gadget wanting to try it out.

              Then what if the equipment fails, something as simple as the battery needs recharging, now what will you do? A professional has the necessary equipment, has operated it over the course of a long time, enabling s/he to be aware of the numerous emotional blips that occur at a wedding, anticipate the high, then photograph them.

              A pro will also be able to do some directing to get the best light and composition, creating flattering and beautiful photographs.

              Your choice.

              What will you have/want to remember your wedding?

              #17 Sandra E.

              Sandra E.
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                Posted 09 June 2008 - 08:10 AM

                This is completely up to you and if you think he's talented enough to take your wedding pictures then do it. Why don't you have been take pictures of you and your FI to see how he does, you'll get an idea.

                #18 TammyB

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                  Posted 09 June 2008 - 08:26 AM

                  Can you maybe hire him to do an engagement shoot of the two of you, and them go from there? IMO photography is the one thing you bring back with you that will always remind you of your wedding day. I have seen some people do a wedding for the first time and about 8 out of 10 times, they don't turn out well. Granted you need to get experience somewhere but maybe if you do an engagement shoot you'll get a feel of it better.

                  #19 SunBride

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                    Posted 09 June 2008 - 05:03 PM

                    if you are willing to take the risk than go for it, but definitely show him like 100 or more "inpiration" photos. That's what I did with my photographer (even though she was a professional) and I'm so happy I did because she "copied" many of those shots and I love them.

                    My other thought is 1000$ is still a lot to pay for somebody who has never done a wedding! It would be one thing if you were getting married at home and it was completely free but for 1000$ you could get a local photographer (not one of the best ones, but still) who has lots of experience shoot your wedding for a few hours.

                    #20 Opice34

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                      Posted 09 June 2008 - 06:37 PM

                      Originally Posted by SunBride
                      My other thought is 1000$ is still a lot to pay for somebody who has never done a wedding! It would be one thing if you were getting married at home and it was completely free but for 1000$ you could get a local photographer (not one of the best ones, but still) who has lots of experience shoot your wedding for a few hours.
                      I was thinking that too! I bet the hotel has a photographer they use who is not much more than that!

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