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Post pics of your Wedding Cake!

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Originally Posted by hamme View Post


I wonder if I could do cheese cake or an ice cream cake...


OH YES, I have been dreaming of an ice cream cake but not sure that is possible???  Anyone ever heard of it done?


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Wow.  Your baker did an excellent job replicating the picture you gave them.  Gorgeous!


Originally Posted by islandbride317 View Post

Ok Ladies....so I am THRILLED to show you how my "DREAM" cake worked out for my AHR which just took place this past weekend on 8/14/10, 3 months to the day after our wedding in Jamaica on 5/14/10 !!! 


The photo on the TOP is the one I submitted to my baker (Fiona's Cakes in Severna Park, Maryland) and the bottom photo is HOW OUR CAKE ACTUALLY TURNED OUT!!  YEA!!  :)








(But ours was Italian Meringue buttercream icing, not fondant except for the 'wave' decoration at the bottom!


And the FLAVORS: TOP and BOTTM tier:  tiramisu with mascarpone filling, 2nd tier from the bottom: classic red velvet with cream cheese filling, and the 3rd tier up: classic white cake with strawberry preserves and chocolate ganache.  YUM and everyone loved it!  :)


Our Shades of the Sea wedding cake.jpg

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These are sooo cute!  The chocolates by themselves would make cool favors!

Originally Posted by wendyjd View Post

here is the "cake" for our AHR.  Mom made the cupcakes and I did the chocolates for the top. dad made the tower. 


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