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Hey, so my fiance and I are getting legally married at home before we leave to Mexico for our ceremony. Does anyone know if we can have a friend/family member perform our marriage, since we're already legally married? If not, does anyone know how you could become an ordained minister who can legally perform weddings in Mexico?



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I think you can have anyone you want perform the ceremony....

My question is if you do not supply someone to perform the ceremony, so we have to pay additional to have someone come and do it for you?

I'm not 100% sure how it all works either....

HELP anyonehuh.gif?!?!!!!!?!?!?!

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If you are legally married before you go I think you can have anyone you want do the ceremony. I asked at a few resorts because we are doing the same thing and I want my brother (who is a pastor in the states) to do our ceremony. All of the places (RIU RM Palace, RM princess, and catalonia) said it was fine as long as I was doing the symbolic ceremony. They charge the same if they provide someone or you have someone to do it for the wedding package, but all said my brother could do it for us. Good luck-


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Thanks! We're just doing our own thing and not doing a wedding package w/ the hotel. The hotel is really great as long as I tell her what we're up to she really doesn't mind what we do. I just didn't want to break any laws or anything!

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