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Happy Anniversary to Ann & Paul!

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It is tomorrow (the 8th), but I think it was a year ago that I met you, Jamy! Thank you for remembering!


We are dressing Gwen tomorrow in the onesie you got her - Paul brought it from home especially for this special occasion!


Happy belated anniversary to you too! I've been a bad BDW "friend" to everyone on here - so I am sorry if I missed your anniversary or birthday, or other special occasion!


Originally Posted by TammyB View Post
Congrats chic. Wow would you have thought that a year after your wedding you would be camped out in CA with your baby?
No kidding! I thought our anniversary was going to be sitting on the couch at home 8+ months pregnant! And that even surprised me!


Originally Posted by Leia78 View Post
Happy Anniversary to you both! I hope you have a great day together!
Thank you, especially, Leia ... we're going to Va De Vi tomorrow night, thanks to you!


Leigh got us a gift certificate to a great restaurant in Walnut Creek ... so we're taking advantage and going out for a nice dinner. I might even have a glass of wine ... WOOHOO!

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