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Something you wish you would have packed?

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I'm anticipating that I must pack BUG spray or I will be very sorry. Bugs seem to flock to me. Would Riviera Maya brides agree that this is worth the space in the suitcase? Not sure how is the bug situation down there, ha

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Things I should have packed:


1. Pumice stone - I figured walking around in the sand would keep my feet smooth, but not so ...


2. Small first aid kit - I brought band-aids and neosporin which we did use, but we had a minor parasailing incident and some peroxide would've been soooo much nicer than the alcohol the office had on hand.


3. Sports bras - the humidity made wearing a regular bra miserable and a sports bra would've been perfect during the day under a tank top.


4. "Mudding" clothes - we didn't decide on excursions until we got there and I was completely unprepared for the dune buggy trip through the mud. I had to suck it up and and be prepared to ruin a pair of shorts. Luckily, I did have my DIY "bride" tank which I didn't plan to wear again so that was an easy sacrifice.


5. My own shampoo - the resort shampoo didn't lather up very well



Things I packed and didn't use:


1. Bug spray


2. "Club" style tops


3. Dark colored shirts



Things I'm glad I packed:


1. Too much sunscreen!!! It turned out not to be too much really and sunscreen at the gift shop was $33 USD


2. Lots of ziploc bags (several gallon size)


3. A book


4. Insulated cups/mugs - these were great out in the sun for keeping our drinks cold and the bartenders always filled them up for us without hesitation!


5. Lots of $1 bills for tips - it was an all-inclusive resort, but the service was always just a little bit better when we tipped (especially bartenders, butler service guys, etc.) and having plenty of singles on hand made this MUCH simpler.

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