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Dollar Tree for your WELCOME BAGS!

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Just a heads up: I stocked up on sunblock, aloe, and mini tylonol... ALL FOR $1. This is a HUGE savings and they do not look cheap- I am picky.


Also, we bought little bottle coolers in the shape of a Hawaiian shirt, mini squirt guns, playing cards, mini loofahs (which is helpful when you are in the sand all day) and a few other goodies. They even had cute little totes that were hawaiian themed... but I was wanting to buy a little nicer one which I can afford now that I saved so much on the contents.


We are also planning on adding a few snacks which we plan on buying once we get there and I like the idea of a beach towel... but with the luggage restrictions I might skip that one.


Hope this post helps and remember EVERYTHING AT THE DOLLAR STORE IS $1!!! (Duh, right?!.)

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