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How many countries have you been to?

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I wanna play too!


Here's my list:

  1. Continental U.S. - Several states
  2. Hawaii
  3. U.S Territories - St. Thomas
  4. Barbados
  5. Aruba
  6. Key West
  7. Guadeloupe
  8. Isle de Saints
  9. Dominica
  10. France
  11. England
  12. South Korea
  13. Canada
  14. Mexico
  15. Belize
  16. Texas! (My home state!)
  17. Monaco

Places I will be adding to the list after my wedding:

1. Netherlands

2. Belgium

3. Germany (Maybe)

4. Switzerland (Maybe)


I think that's it! :-)

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Very cute thread


1. Mexico

2. Canada

3. Italy

4. Greece

5. Turkey

6. U.S. (Various States...sorry ladies haven't been to Texas)

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I LOVE to travel! Here's mine:


1. Canada

2. Mexico

3. England

4. Scotland

5. Netherlands

6. Spain

7. France

8. USVI - not sure if this one counts

9. St. Maarten

10. Puerto Rico - not sure if this one counts either


After my wedding i'll add:


11. Haiti

12. Jamaica

13. Grand Cayman

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This thread is useful for people who need destination advice for their travels... they can find lots of cool places that other people have been to! I am happy to provide help and information on any of the places I have traveled.


Well, my list is fairly long! I work in the travel industry (but not a TA), have lived abroad and worked on a cruise ship...so here we go:


1) US (about 60% of states visited including Alaska and Puerto Rico)

2) Mexico (Mex City, Mayan Riviera, other Yucatan areas)

3) Canada (Eastern Canada, Western Canada)

4) Grand Cayman

5) Venezuela (Caracas)

6) Brazil (Salvador)

7) South Africa (Cape Town)

cool.gif Kenya (Mombasa and the Masai Mara)

9) India (Chennai/Madras)

10) Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon)

11) Philippines

12) China & Hong Kong (Beijing, Xian)

13) Japan (Osaka, Kyoto)

14) Bahamas (Nassau)

15) Italy (all over, I lived in Italy for 2 years)

16) Netherlands (all over, I lived in Amsterdam for 5 years)

17) Turkey (Istanbul, and the coastal cities -- BEAUTIFUL)

1cool.gif Switzerland (Lucerne, Zurich, Lugano, Locarno)

19) Belgium (all over)

20) France (Paris, Nice, the Riviera, Toulouse)

21) England (London) & Northern Ireland (Belfast) & Scotland

22) Ireland (Dublin)

23) Denmark (Copenhagen)

24) Norway (Olso)

25) Finland (Helsinki)

26) Sweden (Stockholm)

27) Estonia (Talinn)

2cool.gif Russia (St. Petersburg)

29) Greece (Athens)

30) Czech Republic (Prague)

31) Iceland

32) Germany (Frankfurt)




Next on my list is Montenegro-- my FI is from there (he moved to the US 5 years ago)...so it will be fun to be shown around by "a native".

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I've been on a travel slump for 2 years now, and it's driving me crazy! Thank goodness for a destination wedding! At first, we were considering purchasing around the world tickets for the honeymoon and having a small family only wedding. In the end, I wanted a bigger wedding w/ family and friends :)


1. China (Beijing, Tibet, Xi'an, all over)

2. Singapore

3. Vietnam (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh)

4. Thailand (Bangkok, Koh Phanyang)

5. Cambodia (Siem Riep, Phnom Penh)


I studied abroad in Beijing and after the semester was over, 4 other study abroad friends and I bought "Lonely Planet on a Shoestring Budget SE Asia" and backpacked for a few weeks.


One of the "friends" is now my fiance :)


Next on my list: Peru, Chile, Argentina

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oooh how fun! let me join....


1. United States (traveled in many states)

2. Mexico

3. Philippines

4. France

5. Belgium

6. Netherlands

7. England

8. Spain

9. Italy

10. Aruba

11. Jamaica

12. Dominican Republic


top 2 honeymoon wish list:

1) Tahiti

2) Bali


top 3 wish list:

1) Greece

2) Brazil

3) Egypt

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Fun! I guess it will be cool to put a number on mine. LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel!


1. US

2. Mexico (Mexico city to Guadalajara, Yucatan - several times, Puerto Vallarta)

3. Dominican Republic (too many times to count)

4. England

5. Ukraine (Kiev)

6. Canada (Toronto and Montreal)

7. Czechoslovakia (when it was still known as that)

8. Poland

9. Russia (Moscow)

10. Costa Rica (just got back last week)


My list is shorter than I thought! sad.gif I do have a very long wish list though:)

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1. US

2. Mexico

3. Canada

4. England

5. France

6. Turkey

7. Greece

8. Denmark

9. Sweden

10. Germany

11. Estonia

12. Poland

13. Bahamas

14. Spain

15. Italy

16. Russia

17. Finland

18. Monaco


I think that is it - I love to travel :)

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1.) Sweden

2.) USA

3.) Denmark

4.) Norway

5.) Finland

6.) Estonia

7.) Germany

8.) Switzerland

9.) Austria

10.) Italy

11.) France

12.) Monaco

13.) Spain

14.) Marocco

15.) Greece

16.) Cyprus (greek side)

17.) France

18.) Thailand

19.) Singapore

20.) Malaysia

21.) Mexico

22.) Costa Rica

23.) Bulgaria

24.) Ireland

25.) Scotland

26.) England

27.) San Marino


.. i think thats it :)

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