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Thanks Tonia! Did they do makeup too?


Originally Posted by Tonia579 View Post

I had my hair done there and I was really happy with it. The lady at the spa did a wonderful job and it was very affordable. I think it was only $38 dollars. The only thing I would change would be to bring my own hairspray to the salon with me. My hair is very straights and has a hard time holding a curl. I have to use Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine. I do not think their hairspray is that strong so some of my curls fell...but like I said I should have brought my super strong spray bc I know my hair will not hold :( Anyway they did great with my style:)  


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I've booked with Ivan Luckie and he has been great! His photos are awesome and I think he had the best bang for your buck. He has also shot a few weddings at the Cat so he knows the hotel well.


Originally Posted by Kplanta View Post

Im still here!! I have been reading along...I just don't have anything usefull to add yet:)

I did buy my dress and bridesmaid dresses though, that was exciting! cheesy.gif

We've got about 15 people booked so far, and we are hoping for around 50 when all is said and done. Our group rate with the travel agent expires on the 15th, so the people booking with us have been RSVP'ing early because they have already deposited their money and know they are coming!


I am not sure what to do about photography yet....

I think I am deciding between Sascha Gluck & Ivan Luckie (although Ivan never did respond to my price quote request). Does anyone have any recomendations between these two photogs?


Talk soon!



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Originally Posted by josietoms View Post


Now my date is confirmed I have contacted a couple of photographers for quotes as I didnt like the ones the hotel uses (I presume they still use the same ones).


Do you know if we have to pay for a day pass or a nights accomodation like I see some of the other hotels request? x



In 08 a day pass was not required for vendors.  I just let them know who was coming so they would let them in.  They can't eat or drink without a pass.  I think there was a cheaper 1/2 day pass option if you wanted a vendor to be able to eat dinner.  It depends on whats in their contract and how long they are staying.  OH & it might be different with private receptions. 



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For those of you who were asking if the tent was the only option - I dont actually think it is! As I always thought it was.


When researching photographers I came across Octavio Montes and in the section 'hotels and ceremonys' there are a couple of photos from the hotel and they have wooden pole with white sheeting over it.  So maybe there are now 2 options??


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Hello Ladies, I am new in this forum although have been reading your post for a while, in fact I would have been sooo lost if it wasnt for all of you



I am getting married in the Catalonia in Feb 2011 - cant wait now. I am trying to decide whether to do a legal or simbolic ceremony. I see that some of you have done the simbolic - can you tell what is it about, how long it goes for, does it look like a legal or "real" ceremony?



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I honestly do not know if they do makeup or not. I do know it was VERY HOT and most of my makeup sweated off:( I was married in June at 10:00am though,_MG_9359.JPG so I expected it to be hot!!! 

Originally Posted by L&C In Love View Post

Thanks Tonia! Did they do makeup too?



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In June 2010 when I got married we had to have a day pass for the photographer and the video. I think the passes were like $50 USD each.

Originally Posted by josietoms View Post

Now my date is confirmed I have contacted a couple of photographers for quotes as I didnt like the ones the hotel uses (I presume they still use the same ones).


Do you know if we have to pay for a day pass or a nights accomodation like I see some of the other hotels request? x

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Hello Brides:)


   I did not write a review once I got home because just about everything is already on here!  Our Wedding was wonderful and so is the resort. We had a few small problems here and there but that is to be expected. The only MAJOR problem we had was that some of guests were checked into standard rooms instead of the upgrades they paid for.My sister in law and her husband were put in a smoking room that they DID NOT request. Had to battle this with the front desk and also call the states and get my TA involved. Also the room for my husband and I was not ready when we arrived and then we were checked into a dirty room :(  I spoke to the GM about these problems and he was awesome!! He even arranged an additional dinner for us at one of the specialty restaurants for all of us to make up for the problems.  We did not have one single problem after this!! However i do advise you to get a list of all your guests, their confirmation numbers and room types from your TA to bring with u!! But anyway the trip was awesome, the Wedding was amazing and the resort more than made up for the problems we had the first day! I was not even going to mention it to you guys but my husband said I should! LOL! II am going to paste the email I sent out to all our guests prior to leaving....( I copied part of it from another bride on this forum:)....


 Tonia & Aarons Travel Tips   


You may want to bring water shoes. All the reviews I have read on this resort recommend them. The beach is rocky near the waterâ€s edge.


You may want to bring an insulated mug. They will make your drinks in these at the bar. They will keep your ice from melting. They do not use a lot of ice and drinks are not usually very cold. Also the cups at the resort are small.


Keep in mind that most airlines charge for baggage now.


The hotel does not have clocks in the room. You may want to bring one if you do not use an alarm on your phone. Also they do not have irons in the room. You can send items to laundry to be ironed for $1.50 per item.


All reviews very highly recommend bringing cash and not using ccâ€s. Food and drinks are all inclusive but keep in mind any souvenirs, cab rides, in town dining/drinking and excursions. Excursions are anywhere from $50 to $100+ per person.


We forgot to bring our IPod last time. You will miss your own music. I recommend bringing it if you have one. Do not forget charger for it, as well as your phone.


Things to remember…passport, medicine, camera, suntan lotion, sunglasses, hat (sun is hot!!), old tennis shoes for excursions (like ATV, Zip line, etc.)

Watch out for timeshare people in airport!!! They will pose as airport employees. Do not let them offer to take your bags, give you directions etc. Go directly to your transfer company. The name of the company should be in your travel documents. If you have questions about your hotel transfer info please call Jana at airport travel.


It is about an hour from airport to the resort. If your transfer stops at a lot of hotels it may take longer. I read a few reviews from people who took a taxi instead of the transfer service. Your transfers were paid for as a part of your package. I would check with the transfer company to find out many stops they have to make. If you decide to take a taxi it should be about $25. Always ask driver how much before you hire one!


Clothes- It is VERY HOT in Mexico, keep this in mind. We pack mainly bathing suits, shorts and stuff. The only time you will need to dress up is for the wedding ceremony on Friday morning. We will also have a wedding celebration dinner in one of the specialty restaurants Friday night. I would recommend casual summer dresses for girls and linen pants (or lightweight pants) for guys.

Anytime you travel, there is a risk of becoming sick from drinking water. I would bring Imodium and hand sanitizer.


The following is advice/info from another bride who was married at our resort-

The water served at the hotel is purified & safe.* Here are some tips about staying healthy in Mexico:-Drink water served at the hotel & bottled water only.* Do not drink from the tap.-Avoid salads or any uncooked fruits or vegetables that could have been washed in contaminated water.* Fruits with a peel are fine.* -When off property, you are safer to drink bottled beer, bottled water, or bottled coke.* If the place does not use clean water, their ice and glasses can be contaminated.-Eat plenty of yogurt during the trip. You can brush your teeth with the tap water, just don't swallow it. The hotel provides two large bottles of water. You can refill them with clean water at the buffets.

*Tip* you get tickets for the specialty restaurants at check in. How many you get depends on length of stay. No tickets needed for buffets *

Restaurant Alebrijes Mexican dishes, `a la carte only for dinner.
Times: 6:30pm to 9:30pm *
Bellavista Italian dishes, `a la carte only for dinner.
Times: 6:30pm to 9:30pm *
Bamboleo Grill Steakhouse, `a la carte.
Times: 7:30pm to 9:30pm *
Bamboleo Snack Bar Times: 11:00am to 5:30pm *
La Creperie Crepes & Ice Creams Times: 5:00pm to 11:00pm *
La Brisa International Buffet, breakfast, lunch and dinner. With no need to reserve. Times: 7:00am-11am breakfast, 12:30-3:30 lunch, 6:30-10:30 dinner *
El Mercado International Buffet, breakfast, lunch and dinner. With no need to reserve. Times: 07:00am to 9:30pm (Staggered times). The El Mercado buffet is only open when the hotel is over 75% occupancy, typically on weekends*
Bamboleo Snack bar, Times: 10:00am to 02:00am *
El Abuelo Lobby Bar Times: 5:00pm to midnight
La Terraza Bar Times 5:00pm to midnight*
Disco Times 11pm to 02:00am *
Tequila Pool Bar 10:00am to midnight *
Margarita Pool Bar Times: 10:00am to 6:00pm
Pure Chill Out Times: 10:00am to 10pm *
Sport Bar with board games, pool, table football, electronic games and golf simulator Times: 4:00pm to 11pm
Paamul is a great place for snorkeling just 2 miles north of our hotel. Tell the bellhop you want a cab. It should be $8 each way. There is an office where the cab drops you off in Paamul that will call you a cab when you are ready to return to the hotel. There is a shop at the lagoon that rents snorkeling equipment for about $12. Our hotel also has equipment you can borrow.

There is a marina within walking distance of the hotel. The marina has many shops, restaurants and an internet café. You can also watch manatees, sea lions & dolphins swimming in the marina.

There are kayaks, sailboats, snorkeling gear, bike rentals, and catamaran rides at the hotel for no cost.
The hotel puts on nightly shows. There is also a sport bar that has pool tables & a golf simulator. The disco opens at 11.

The hotel provides a free shuttle to Playa del Carmen twice daily (15 minutes north of our hotel). PDCâ€s 5th avenue (Avenida Quinta) is a pedestrian street full of shops and cafés. If you do not want to travel to PDC during the scheduled times, you can get your own cab for about $16 each way.



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Me again!!


  I am going to attach pics of our gift bags. We delivered these to each of our guests along with a welcome letter/itinerary. The gift bags included t-shirts, cups, door hangers and hangover kits. All ideas I got from this site but my guests thought I was SO CREATIVE! LOL!! The hang over kits said... "La Pinche Cruda" = (the damn hang over).Hang over Kit…..Party on! Weâ€ve got your back!" We included Advil, alka seltzer, power aid mix ins for water, cheese crackers ans slim jims in the kits. These were a BIG HIT!!! Someone said the little 5 hour energy bottles would have been awesome too! I hope this helps u guys as much as it helped me :)


Mrs. Lockard!



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Dear family & friends,


Welcome to Catalonia Riviera Maya, Mexico! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedules to celebrate this most special occasion in our lives. We are thrilled that you are here and especially honored that you have traveled so far to be a part of our wedding. Many years from now, when we look back on our life and this day, we will remember that being surrounded by the familyand friends we hold so dearly was the perfect beginning to our life as husband and wife. 


We hope you have a wonderful stay in Mexico. Please enjoy the enclosed goodies; they are just a small token of our appreciation.


We look forward to spending the next few days in paradise with you!


With love and appreciation,

Aaron and Tonia   


Schedule of events:

Time:                                        Event:                                       Location:


Thursday, 6/17:

7:30 pm                                    Welcome cocktails                      Pure Chill Out Bar


Friday, 6/18:

10:30 am                                  Wedding Ceremony                     The Lagoon

11:00 am                                  Cake & Champagne Reception     Ceremony Location

7:00 pm                                    Dinner Reception                       To Be Announced


Saturday, 6/19 & Sunday, 6/20

- No scheduled events.  Please feel free to enjoy the remainder of your vacation. The Bride and Groom will announce information regarding excursions and other activities. -

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