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Hilton's Blue Marlin Terrace - Lighting?

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Hey all,


I'm wondering if anyone can give me advice on whether we'd need lighting for the reception on the Hilton's Blue Marlin Terrace. The reception is starting at 7:30pm and sunset is supposed to be at 8:00pm. I believe there are supposed to be candles set up by the Hilton, but I'm not sure yet how many. Our centerpieces will have 3 floating candles, but other than than, we don't have any lighting. I want it to be dimly lit, romantic setting, etc, but I don't want people to be chatting and eating in the dark.


Any advice would be appreciated.



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Originally Posted by augustbride View Post
Great point... let me know what you find out as I am getting married there in August on the Blue Marlin... I'll also check with my wc and let you know what she says.
That's cool! What time of day are you getting married? I'm a little worried about 1) the heat at 6:30pm (but we're in the shade, so hopefully it won't be bad) and 2) the lighting issue. Well, honestly, I'm worried about a whole lot of other things! But those are highest on my list. :)

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