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Having a Wedding in Oahu 5/31/07...My experience

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Since there is no one in here I will be the first to post about how planning is going and how it actually went. Once it is all said and done I will post the vendor grades. This will sort of be my journal lol lol.


So first things first.


Wedding Week May 28-June 2, 2007

Wedding May 31, 2007 at 4pm

Location: Waimanolo Bay Beach (45 min from Waikiki)

Dinner: Orchids Restaurant

Total confirmed guests: 16 (expecting 20)

Wedding Coordination. A Hawaii Wedding - Premier Hawaiian Weddings.



I will post more information later

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Sherri thats a great idea, it is exactly what I did when I was one of the few RM brides on the board. As I would find info about resorts I was interested in I would just start posting it...even if no one else was looking at the stuff at least I knew I had it here to look at like my own little journal.

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ok so where am I at


general info about this Oahu wedding


We are traveling from Chicago all the way to Honolulu for our wedding. This is a very small wedding. No attendees, no long ceremony. We will keep the African – American tradition of jumping the broom and we will add a non-traditional sand ceremony instead of unity candles. We are expecting anywhere between 2- 20 guests. Instead of rehearsal dinner we will have a welcome to Hawaii Luau the day before our wedding. We decided on destination wedding because we wanted a small and intimate setting and this provides for one.


We are having somewhat of a WC. See we found A Hawaii wedding which will find all the vendors we want and get them there to us. Pretty reasonable but risky IMO.


Well AMC is looking good BBL :)

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