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SATC chat thread-if you haven't seen the movie-don't read this

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#11 MarieSam

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    Posted 03 June 2008 - 07:10 AM

    Saw the movie on Sat. with four other girlfriends and it was GREAT!!! I loved so many parts of the movie, and plenty of moments got me to tears. It also got me thinking that if my FI ever stood me up like that, I'd have to kick his ass. lol, but yes I too have some problems with certain things.

    1) Carrie and Big's reuniting moment. Um, WTF? So she reads some emails from him, that he copied outta a book and then the next time she sees him there's no arguing or confrontation, she just runs into his arms?? Really? You go without speaking for months, look like a hot mess for several days after he stood you up at the altar and then he quotes words of love from other men and then y'all are cozied up on the ground together and it's all good? It kinda seems like the writers were like "ok we gotta wrap this shit up".

    2) Samantha really needed to hook up with the hot latin neighbor. I needed payoff from this "tease" ~ I was halfway expecting him to pop up in New York somehow in the end, I mean come on!!! It's Samantha, she always closes the deal when it comes to her sexual urges.

    3) Did Samantha really look like she got fat from the stress? My BF and I agreed that was a stretch because aside from some tiny little gut rolls she had when she was sitting there, I didn't see enough to make me think "damn she's been eating her way through issues."

    4) Sarah Jessica Parker needs to eat a cheeseburger or two. The girl is literally a bunch of skin and tendons. She seems like she's even skinnier than she was before, and I didn't think that was possible!!

    5) Did the TV series ever address Carrie's relationship with her parents?? I was wondering that during the wedding stuff.

    Aside from that, I LOVED all the fashion. Even Miranda who used to be the plain Jane has found her groove stylewise. I hope there's another one =) And yes, I loved the assistant role in Carrie's life, it added a nice touch! It's one of those movies I'd like to watch again to see if I missed anything!!

    #12 Sandra E.

    Sandra E.
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      Posted 03 June 2008 - 09:13 AM

      I finally saw it last night and loved it! I loved all the fashion, all I can say is wow!!! They weren't kidding when they said they went all out designer, it was designer heaven! Carrie's wedding dress session was out of this world and I can't believe vivienne Westwood gave her the dress. I hated the feather Carrie wore on the side of her head, I couldn't decide if she looked like a witch or if she reminded me of a horse or maybe it was my fear of birds and that was a constant reminder (I know, I know lame phobia...) Her body is in unbelievable shape, she has not an ounce of fat on her at all, but I do think she's a bit skinny but again she's always been like that.

      Out of the 4 the one that really stood out to me was Miranda. When did she get so stylish, I thought she looked fabulous - from the accessories to the clothing she got it down to a T.

      Samantha of course looks amazing, I can't believe she's 52 years old. I can tell how botox has changed her face a bit, but how she's been able to maintain her body in top shape it's just amazing.

      Charlotte, was the one that would get on my nerves once in a while when the show was on. I found her very funny during the movie.

      Big, what a handsome man! However, I did think he was a bit too tan when they were laying in bed together.

      The bouquet scene was fantastic but yet disturbing.

      By the way I want the big closet with all the shoes that go with it! :)

      #13 Kristy!


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        Posted 03 June 2008 - 09:38 AM

        I'm still trying to figure out the whole Stanford/Anthony thing. That was so random. Stanford is way too good for Anthony, so I didn't like that.

        The Miranda/Steve situation really got me thinking about how important it is to never take your relationship for granted. I missed sweet, energetic Steve. Because of the situation, he was just a mess throughout the movie.

        I don't think Miranda's comment really had anything to do with Big not getting out of the car. I think Carrie wanted to blame someone else for what happened.

        Samantha looks so good. And I agree about the "fat scene." If that's fat, then I'm in some serious trouble!

        Just for the record, pudding is not make in Poughkeepsie. Everyone in the theatre went crazy during that part because I was watching it at the Poughkeepsie Galleria. We don't get too many show-outs in movies!

        #14 Monique

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          Posted 03 June 2008 - 10:55 AM

          Loved the movie...was a bit put off with the Standford/Anthony hook-up?When Big didn't show up my heart sank...wanted to throw up and kick his ass at the same time but I cried instead...But the lashing with the bouquet was classic...we all know people that fight and get back together..but that was far fetched...don't know if I could have forgiving him...I wished Samantha would have bagged the hot latin neighbor...I was waiting for that.
          All in all a good flick but wanted to see more of the "Girls doing their thang"

          #15 Kristy!


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            Posted 03 June 2008 - 11:37 AM

            Did Smith annoy anyone else? Maybe his hair was just bothering me, but something about him got under my skin.

            Charlotte was definitely the comic-relief of the movie.

            #16 Jenn79

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              Posted 03 June 2008 - 03:45 PM

              Originally Posted by msam007562
              5) Did the TV series ever address Carrie's relationship with her parents?? I was wondering that during the wedding stuff.
              We know that her father left when she was five, but aside from that, not much was revealed about her family.
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              #17 azhuskergirl

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                Posted 04 June 2008 - 09:12 AM

                See I thought the movie was a perfect follow up to the series. Was it perfect for me? No. But it satisfied me after the 4 year wait.

                Miranda & Steve - Hated him for cheating & her for pushing him away, but that's such a Miranda characteristic that it didn't bother me. Sometimes that scenario is reality & the series dealt with reality alot (more in dateing scenarios, so why not move into marriage problems as the ladies move into that phase of life).

                Samantha - I didn't really care for her story line too much, but thought it showed maturity (as funny as that sounds) in her character. And I would have been soooooo upset if they would have shown her getting it on with the neighbor. Smith was too good to her for that to happen & have me be ok with it.

                Charlotte - loved seeing her as a mom & i liked the fact that once she freaking relaxed about the baby she got pregnant. Very appropriate for her character.

                Carrie & Big - ok, first, WTF with the bird on her head at the wedding?!?! Anyway, yes, Big was an ass for doing that, but is it really out of his character? No. We knew he would pull something like this. In reality would we want a friend to marry a guy like that? No, but those characters are destined to be together & we all would have been disappointed if they hadn't gotten together in the end. It was nice for Carrie to do such an un-Carrie-like thing & get married at Town Hall. Showed her maturity.

                I loved the mexico scenes with the girls. Yes, I wish there had been more time with all the gals together, but they are living their own lives....it's reality. I really wasn't bothered by the seperate story lines.

                Anyway, I LOVED the movie & wouldn't change a thing.

                P.S. My thoughts on Stanford/Anthony....didn't they kiss on New Year? I didn't read too much into it. I think they became friends rather than lovers....but that's just me.

                #18 Sandra E.

                Sandra E.
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                  Posted 04 June 2008 - 10:16 AM

                  I agree with Stanford/Anthony kiss was only a New Year's kiss not a hook-up. :)

                  #19 Christine

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                  Posted 04 June 2008 - 10:20 AM

                  I think it was showing that they finally realized they could be friends, they hated each other the whole series because they were in competition. I don't think it was about them hooking up...
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                  #20 Yari

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                    Posted 04 June 2008 - 12:45 PM

                    I loved it when Samantha said that Smith stayed with her through chemo. It showed the human side of her.

                    Charlotte was perfect in her role of mommy. I loved watching it. She was also a wonderful friend to Carrie. When she told Carried that she was scared to be happy for being pregnant cause everything was too perfect in her life, it really struck a cord in me. I feel like that alot. I am finally happy, getting married to the man of my dreams...I am scared shitless that this happiness will be taken away from me.

                    Carrie- Regarding the bird on her head, I loved that they asked her what the hell that was. It was too funny! She belonged with Big even though he dogged her. I mean seriously how many times have we gotten back together with an ex even though they hurt us? At least for me, lots. It made me sad that Big tried to tell Carrie he did want to marry her and was just freaked out and she didn't hear it. Don't get me wrong he totally deserved to be beaten with her bouquet and I sobbed during that scene. BUT it just sadden me that he wanted to marry her, but he was too chicken.

                    Miranda - she gets on my nerves, never really liked her. I was happy Carrie didn't talk to her. I do believe that what she said was a huge influence on Big and his decision on not showing up. Plus her teeth bug the crap out of me.

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