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My Sweet Boy

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It was our 3 year anniversary and we planned to eat dinner at The Palm (a very high priced restaurant in Charlotte). Luckily, I had a coupon, so it wasn't that big of a hit to the wallet. The dinner was very nice, the company was wonderful. After eating dinner and even splurging on dessert, we decided to head back towards our end of town. In the car, Will mentions that he wants to stop by a restaurant/bar to have a beer with his boys. In my head, I'm thinking why on earth would we go have a beer with the boys on our anniversary (not to mention I'm wearing a snazzy dress that would cause everyone in that place to look at us), but being the awesome girlfriend I am :) I said that was fine by me.


We get to the area where the restaurant is located (which just happens to be the place we met 3 1/2 years ago) and Will mentions that we should walk around the lake that is in the middle of all the shops/bars/restaurants. We walk around and he keeps making us turn back when we get closer to other people around and begins reminiscing about how wonderful the past years have been and how we met right there and getting sentimental about everything. Then he keeps slowing down to where he is walking behind me and I start to wonder why he is acting that way (normally he is a goof ball).


So finally he stops, beside the water-under the willow trees, and I turn around to see him slowly dropping to one knee. He says "what would you do if I did something crazy?" as he is dropping down. Of course, I almost fall to the ground with him as all the blood rushes to my head :) He says "Katy, I want to spend the rest of my life with you...will you marry me" (I didn't hear any of this, he had to tell me later what he said...I was too busy trying to stop the flow of tears and shake my head YES!). Our hands were shaking so much that he could barely get the ring on my finger :)


It was so wonderful, perfect and sweet. Now we can remember our dating anniversary because that was the day we decided to spend our lives together.


The rest of the night was spent calling everyone we knew to tell them the great news. I still have a smile on my face from that night and it is a month later! :) :)

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