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Destination Wedding Timeline

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Unveiling my masterpiece - a very detailed wedding timeline.


I modified a timeline I saw on somewhere and have found it to be very helpful in coordinating all the details.


Instead of calling it a timeline I called mine a run of show and have seperate columns for the BRIDE the BRIDAL PARTY and the COORDINATOR and ALL the things everyone is supposed to do and where they are supposed to be all day long on the big day.


It ends with a VIP list of important people like members of the family and the bridal party so that the photographer and coordinator will know who the VIP people are.


Hope this can help someone else!



UPLOAD run of show.doc

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Very neat! I will keep this for things I need to do. I have to change the times of course! According to your list if I am getting married at 11am I need to get up at 4am lol

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