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Latest BDW member to lose a member of wedding party.. sigh!

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#1 Chiquita

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    Posted 31 May 2008 - 11:57 PM

    Soooo... we found out last night that our best man has backed out of the wedding.. because his wife is preggers! We are of course very excited for them and totally understand that she will be 7 months by then and not wanting to travel. I just feel REALLY bad for FI. He has hardly any friends coming as it is, and now the one person he really wanted to be there can't come (or won't leave his wife for a few days to come). Ugh. He's hoping his friend Ron will still come then he will ask him to be best man.. I'm worried Ron will decide not to come too though.. ah well. Time will tell how our wedding party pans out!

    #2 Davematthews16

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      Posted 01 June 2008 - 12:03 AM

      Awww I am sorry that's a bummer! It's crazy you mention this because we've had 2 completely different people (1 couple was going to attend and the other lady was going to be in the wedding) anyway, Both parties have grand-babies due the week of the wedding and they cannot come either. It's hard cause you're sooo excited for them, but it's still a bummer. Everything will work out no worries :)

      #3 Pisces

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        Posted 01 June 2008 - 12:05 AM

        that's really too bad I hope Ron can step up and there are no more disappointments!
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        #4 Yari

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          Posted 01 June 2008 - 01:01 AM

          Gosh, is something in the water. People are dropping out like flies around here.

          #5 Chiquita

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            Posted 01 June 2008 - 05:06 AM

            I think so.. haha

            #6 Hartyt509

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              Posted 01 June 2008 - 06:42 AM

              I've got my fingers crossed that ALL FI's family drop out pmsl

              #7 Bride010101

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                Posted 01 June 2008 - 10:34 AM

                Ahh... I'm so sorry. I'm having bridal party issues of my own - so I understand how much it sucks. Big hugs your way... and in the end remember everything (no matter who attends and who doesn't) will turn out beautiful!

                #8 jmill130

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                  Posted 01 June 2008 - 11:19 AM

                  So sorry, hope everything works out. It is better you know now and not in a few months:) Hang in there!

                  #9 DanielleNDerek

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                    Posted 01 June 2008 - 11:24 AM

                    I'm so sorry. my fi's bestman backed out too, he was devastated when he found out but now he's okay with it. his dad is his bestman now, they are really close. I know your upset now, but once your down there all that matters is that you and your fi are there for one of the most important day of your lives.
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                    #10 Chiquita

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                      Posted 01 June 2008 - 03:02 PM

                      You guys are right... Jayson (FI) seems okay with his bestman backing out.. mostly. I think he's just worried none of his friends will end up going so then he won't have a best man! His dad will be there.. but I'm not sure he would want him to do it. I have some guy friends who are coming so I think Jayson would rather have one of them stand up for him than his dad.. we'll see I guess.

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