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Watch out when pumping gas!!!!

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#1 Angel

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    Posted 29 May 2008 - 10:45 PM

    I haven't noticed it at any of the stations that I go to but then ago I always get right back in my car until it automatically stops.
    But, I have experienced that at a certain station the latch doesn't release when my tank is full.
    I was in my car and I was thinking to myself, man it hasn't stopped yet. At that moment I hear gas spilling all over the place.

    Fox 5 in my area just reported this so ladies and gents watch out when pumping gas. This is wild!!!!
    "As if $4 for a gallon of gas isn't bad enough, you could be paying for gas you aren't even getting!

    A FOX 5 investigator found gas pumps in our area that start charging before you start pumping and keep charging even after the tank is full."

    They said The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affars inspects once every 6 month. With this kind of problem going on I think they need to start inspecting more often.


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    Posted 29 May 2008 - 11:00 PM

    i had the same thing happen to me a couple years ago, and ever since no matter how cold it is, i ALWAYS wait by the pump, or at least sit in the seat but with my legs out the door so i can watch. gas is too expensive to have to pay for what spills out! i've noticed the latch issue at almost every arco gas station (am/pm's) i go to near me. i feel like they used to unlatch, but lately i've noticed you have to really watch it!

    #3 Angel

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      Posted 29 May 2008 - 11:13 PM

      Originally Posted by MoWife
      That's crazy! Thank God in NJ I get to sit in my car and let the attendent deal with that!
      It's funny because me and an old boyfriend were going to Jersey to visit his mother and we stop at a gas station. So we pull up and he just sits in the car. So I'm like what the hell are you doing. Then he says I'm waiting for the guy to come pump it for me. I jumped down his throat and said, what are you too good to pump your own gas. I was so embarassed because I didn't know you couldn't pump your own gas in Jersey. He laughs about it now!!

      #4 JaimeLynne

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        Posted 29 May 2008 - 11:40 PM

        Originally Posted by MoWife
        LOL! That's funny. I did the opposite. I was driving a rental car in Texas and I sat there for a few minutes before I realized I had to get out and do it myself. I had to call DH and ask him wahat do.
        LMAO that's hilarious! I didn't know there were places where you couldn't pump your own gas... huh.

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