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Mexico Chic! Wedding photos at Villa Crescencia

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Thanks you guys :):). It was SUPER fun to do (but I was super tired later wink.gif)!


Just to give you an idea on costs (for when you're doing pricing for your wedding with other people) -This entire wedding decor/design cost approximately $6,200 USD and that included: all flowers, tablecloths (for both reception and cocktail), napkins, centerpieces, dance lanterns, favors, huppah, cupcake tower, pillows, toys for kids, over 400 candles, floating lanterns, place cards/escort cards/table markers, chair covers, drink sign, etc. (all decor you see) and was a party of 80 guests.

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Thanks you guys -you're all super kind and give me warm fuzzies :):).


MissLucky7 - awesome! I'd love to hear your ideas!! But, no matter what, I'm sure, no matter where you decide to have your wedding, it will be great! I LOVE being married :):) (most of the time, except when he doesn't do what I tell him to do when I tell him to do it lol).


Sarah - I liked your stuff too and added your website to the link on my blog.


Oh ... hey, FYI if you guys want to see the stuff I find on the web and feel is relevant to PV, I write about it here twice a month: Mishka Designs' Blog


It's mostly geared towards coordinators in the PV area, but I think there are ideas you guys could use too - I try to focus on stuff that will work with our climate and with the type of materials I know we can get here (or make). :):)

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